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  • Tonight is game night!! on 23 Nov 2013 1:56 PM
  • New image up! on 1 Apr 2012 7:40 PM
  • Is it against the rules for me to post something for sale in the GIO forums? I have a headset I no longer need. on 15 Mar 2014 5:03 PM
  • I wrote about Silent Hill: on 19 Apr 2014 3:15 PM
  • I promise I'll write my blog(s) here soon enough. Well, eventually... on 22 Apr 2014 3:40 PM
  • Cant wait to pick up Infamous this month! Might get Metal Gear also. on 13 Mar 2014 9:25 PM
  • Big things on the way. on 20 Apr 2014 4:41 PM
  • Well im back enjoyed thanksgiving and Christmas got a lot of stuff from my family I will be on here a lot more since summer and Christmas is over very busy during that time of year me and my girlfriend broke because she got mad at me cause this one girl was hitting on me and I liked here better and now im talking to her I sold my wii and got another xbox original I got halo with for free even thought I got the year of the year edition and bought 3 more games for it brute force dino crisis 3 and unreal 2 the awaking I like those the best out of brute force gonna party on news years eve parted last night been having fun one of my best friends die dec 3 2013 he died of a gun shot wound I found out about I at school in 3 he died that morning at 10am I heard RIP Dylan   on 30 Dec 2013 11:43 AM
  • I love reading old blogs to see how much my opinion has changed... on 14 Apr 2014 11:54 AM
  • Song of the Week will now only be on on 19 Jun 2013 12:51 AM
  • While I slowly inch towards my first regeneration in Titanfall. The Xbox 360 edition already has lobbies with multiple generation 5 players. I am definitely jealous that I don't have the time to play more but I am loving Hardpoint matches. on 22 Apr 2014 10:15 PM
  • Trying to get hired at Game Informer. on 8 Aug 2012 3:07 AM
  • Winter break?  GAMEZ!!!  =) on 1 Jan 2014 9:33 AM
  • Star Wars: Battlefront?  Thank you!!! on 11 Jun 2013 7:01 PM
  • As I expected Dishonored is awesome!!!!!!!!! Definitely worth your money!!!!! on 9 Oct 2012 7:15 PM
  • Played Journey in it's entirety last night.  It's truly something everyone should experience. on 6 Apr 2014 2:38 PM
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