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  • The Greatest Albums of All Time



    More least in my opinion. When it comes to my taste in movies, I don't claim to have very good opinions. While I enjoy films, I haven't seen many classics, thus the reason why The Godfather was excluded from my Top 5 favorite movies. When you... More
  • Can Call of Duty: Black Ops save the franchise?



    November 9th is a fairly big day for any gamer. The newest addition to the best-selling FPS of all time arrives: Call of Duty: Black Ops. This time around it's set in the Cold War era, ditching World War II for good. Millions of people were let down... More
  • Blog of Randomness #1: The Coke Freestyle machine



    Haven't written a blog in quite some time, so I shall bring you the most amazing thing you have ever seen: The Coke Freestyle machine. The machine just premiered at a fast-food place in Georgia called Zaxby's (a south-east chicken tender joint... More
  • The Top Five Best Movies Ever!....of All Time



    ...Because I'm too lazy for a top ten. Everyone has their list of top movies on here, so I thought I'd give it a try. I probably don't have the best taste in movies, but I enjoy plots that have twist and turns along the way. 5. The book of... More
  • Not Again!


    Not Again!

    Not Again! A guide on what to do while your Xbox is being repaired. Currently, my Xbox is going on it's second trip to the Microsoft Repair Center In Texas. This time around it has suffered from an e74 error, which is a type of Hardware Failure. So... More
  • Fringe Season 2 finale- Updated with afterthoughts!


    This Thursday, Fringe, J.J Abrams science fiction show, has it's second season finale. I rarely ever watch TV(most of my time with TV is when I'm playing my Xbox) but this has a special place in my heart. Fringe is about of group of people who... More
  • About Me



    Well.... since I just joined I thought I'd give you a generic about me.... My name's Jeremy... I go by C00k on Xbox live and such. I'm a diehard musician, love guitar and music. I only own the 360, but Love it- though it loves Traveling to... More