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  • My Xbox 360 started playing my original Xbox games and I'm so glad. Now I'm gonna be spending time playing some old classics. :3 on 15 Aug 2014 3:37 PM
  • "I stand in the moonlit dawn, free from clouds of attachment." on 4 Jul 2014 6:27 AM
  • 'Paying to win' by Ethan Levy: The comments section is also interesting. on 21 Aug 2014 9:04 AM
  • Reborn. on 8 Jun 2014 12:34 PM
  • RIDDLES! MEWTWO! CHORUS MEN! on 29 Aug 2014 9:25 PM
  • My xbox 360 mod chip arrived in the mail today! Time to solder her in! on 25 Feb 2014 9:31 PM
  • Game Informer, You know say Daddy Snow me, I'm gonna blame, A licky boom-boom down on 2 Jan 2014 8:13 AM
  • Anime, movies, books or gaming... So many choices, so little time. xD on 5 Feb 2014 10:38 AM
  • Grounded. Won't be on here for a while. on 22 Feb 2014 12:22 PM
  • Ah, thank goodness for GameSpot! Earlier, I was going to look for a story I started writing a while back on my desktop, but I remembered that we had to replace our PC recently, and the Word file may not have been transferred over. But then I remembered I posted whatever I had from the story on my GameSpot blog! *whew* ^_^ on 27 Aug 2014 7:45 PM
  • Entering a new phase: College. New life awaits in college, meeting new friends, suffer expenses, etc. Gotta use my money and time wisely! Make it count! ÕwÕ on 25 Aug 2014 9:14 AM
  • This week is the beginning of 2 months of awesomeness. Tomorrow I will be picking up Fable Anniversary, Wednesday I get TWAU Episode 2 and Friday is the big one… the one I’m most excited for… (drum roll) Bravely Default! :) I also started and finished Tomb Raider Definitive Edition again this weekend. That is twice in one week on my PS4 and I had originally beaten on my 360. What an awesome game! It’s one that I thought was solid but not great my first playthrough back a year ago. Now… I think the game is amazing! :) on 3 Feb 2014 8:08 AM
  • Loving my PS2 again :) on 27 Jul 2014 2:32 PM
  • Sorry I am not on as much as I used to be.  I have a new job, great that I now make more money but I can't get on this site at work. :( on 25 Apr 2014 9:29 PM
  • at work, debating writing a blog on 4 Aug 2014 8:08 AM
  • New Avatar! on 4 Dec 2013 2:30 PM
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