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  • Forum Post: Free iOS game Catch the mouse !!

    I'm an independent developer and I recently released a new children's iOS game "Catch the mouse". This game is similar to "Whack a mole", and it is free. The game consists of 11 levels, the last being almost infinite. The player will reach the next level when the countdown...
  • Forum Post: Destiny for the PS3 & PS4 + Playstation Network

    I understand that when Destiny releases on Sept. 9th that for PS3 users it will be free to play (correct me if I'm wrong) but for the PS4 user they'll have to subscribe to the PlayStation Network or pay to play (I believe I heard someone say something to that effect). Can someone enlighten me...
  • Forum Post: VERSUS POLL-week 1-

    I know this group has been all but dead for the last few months, so I'm not expecting much votes on this poll. Nonetheless, in an effort to make the group more active, I thought I'd start a new "game thread". The point of this game is to give two characters or teams or groups of characters...
  • Forum Post: Welcome Destiny Fans!

    Just decided this would be a good way for new members to get their feet wet, meet other new members, and ask questions to the older members about what's going on. Allow me to introduce myself. Im Yno, the creator of this fan base. I had never thought that Bungie would ever work with Sony. I loved...
  • Forum Post: Your Thoughts: What has been PS3's Best game of 2012?

    All and all which game for PS3 was the best in your opinion? This doesnt have to be a PS3 Exclusive either it can be a shared game with the other systems. I think I might go with Borderlands 2. I loved the game a lot and think it deserves more than it is getting,
  • File: God of War Unchained Video

  • Blog Post: God of War Wallpapers

    I don't know why my files aren't popping up in the files section, but Here the links that will take you to them Perseus Concept Art Orion Kirra Kratos Odysseus Kratos 2 More awesome wallpapers will arriving soon, so check out this blog every so often. Enjoy, Spartans!!
  • File: God of War Perseus Wallpaper

  • Blog Post: The Complete GaMe Entry Archive

    This page will basically serve as the complete list of GaMes that have been written since it's introduction. It's a GaMe Archive. It will include the title of the GaMe (complete with link) the author of the GaMe, and lastly the date it was published. Enjoy. 1) The Politician, Sharp-eyed Six Shooter...
  • Blog Post: Introducing Gamify Me!

    What is GaMe you may ask yourself, well it's a little creation from the genius mind of Prince of Snark Euphoric Ennuil . I believe I'll let his original post clarify things for you, after all.....he created it. *Note* Considering that this is the first time any of us is doing this, Ownzoir has...
  • Wiki Page: SSX Group - Wiki

    This blog was created by ynoT0312Taz, a huge SSX fan. This group allows all SSX fans everywhere to get together and talk about SSX...stuff. :p SSX is a series of snowboarding and skiing( On Tour) video games published by EA Sports Big. More info:
  • File: Grand Theft Ponies

  • File: Intense Game Night

  • File: Game Boxshot

    How can you have a group about the BEST. GAME. EVER. and not have the boxshot for it?
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