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    Welcome to the Health & Fitness thread! This thread is for getting in shape! (something we all could probably do better at) Feel free to post workout and diet tips that have worked for you here. Found a kick flank routine? Post It! Noticed that your favourite restaurant has a healthy option? Post...
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    DC Comics recently announced that it will be releasing Before Watchmen, a limited run series that will be following a number of the Alan Moore's classic 80's series. Rorschach, Minute Men, the Comedian, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Ozymandius and Dr. Manhattan will be getting their own books. My understanding...
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  • Forum Post: You can get the Portal Gun Replica, NOW!!! is now selling the portal gun from the awesome game Portal. Only 5000 were made, and they cost $139, so if you want it, you better keep an eye on the site, because they go out of stock fast.
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    What's tour favorite vehicle in twisted metal. I like the reaper cycle cuz of that powerful chainsaw.
  • Forum Post: Re: MLP:FiM FanFiction Thread

    Alright then, reviews... The first that I will review is a story called Sunset This story follows Twilight through her descent into madness to the point where the above picture comes true. It is labeled as grimdark, but those moments are far and few between. I thought That it was very well written and...
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