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  • Forum Post: Modded Skyrim Screenshots

    Hey guys, ever since I moved to PC gaming a few months ago, I been tweaking with Skyrim's settings and mods. I think I got some pretty solid results and would like to know what you guys think. Also I would love to see the mods some of you might be running :)!
  • Forum Post: The Elder Scrolls V: Hearth Fire?

    Hearth Fire is rumored to be the next add-on for Skyrim. Bethesda has yet to officially announce it, but considering this is how we first heard about Dawnguard , there isn't really much reason to doubt it. There is a book in Skyrim called Hearth Fire , and it's also the name of a month in The...
  • Forum Post: Re: In Dawnguard, who will you align youself with: The Volkihar Vampires or the Dawnguard?

    I will be a member of both. In one of my games, the one with my Wood Elf vampire thief, I am a Volkihar Vampire. I will soon be creating another character and have him/her become a member of the Dawnguard. This Skyrim enhancement is definitely worth 1600 Microsoft points/$19.99. It provides a great quest...
  • Forum Post: Re: What Do You Perfer? - Skyrim

    I'm a BIG fan of the Wood Elf (Bosmer) and Dark Elf (Dunmer). THE WOOD ELF: I enjoy to have a sneaky, quick archer on my side of the field who can kick some major a** with its magic enhanced bows. THE DARK ELF: Its fun to be able to steal everybody's crap, summon atronachs and then light the...
  • Forum Post: What Do You Perfer? - Skyrim

    What do You Perfer? 1. Race Argonian Histskin : Invoke the power of the Hist to recover health ten times faster for 60 seconds. Resist Disease : Your Argonian blood is 50% resistant to disease. Water Breathing : Your Argonian Lungs can breath underwater. (It is also rumored that argonians can swim faster...
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