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  • Forum Post: I got an important Question.

    Ok I've almost beaten Uncharted 2, but I got a problem I need help with. How do you beat Lavarovic?! I need help!!!!!
  • Forum Post: (Prizonerz Of War) Currently Reqruiting!

    Prizonerz Of War (POWz) Who are we? We are a PS3 mature competitive gaming Clan. We focus on team work,communication and a continuing effort to improve ourselves and our Clan. We focus on game modes that are objective based (CTF, Hardpoint, DOM, HQ, and Demolition). We are not a Clan that focuses on...
  • Forum Post: Tekken Revolution

    What are your thoughts on the free-to-play downloadable title. I like it a lot, a quick fifteen minutes of beating up people as Law then I switch to what I really wanted to play.
  • Forum Post: Tekken Tag tournament 2

    Hey what are your guys thoughts on this game up until now? I thought it was fun pretty cool, unlocked all endings etc. I tried online was very very fun but now it's lost that spark because we've got people doing nothing but spamming moves, spamming grabs and we can't do anything because of...
  • Forum Post: inFAMOUS Collection - Ultimate PS3 Combo Pack

    inFAMOUS Collection - Ultimate PS3 Combo Pack inFAMOUS inFAMOUS 2 inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood Extra missions Additional character costumes, power ups and weapon styles You'll also be able to buy some of these games individually on the PlayStation Store.
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