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  • Forum Post: Favorite Call of Duty

    There are so many to choose from, just pick one!My favorite is CoD4, what's yours?
  • Forum Post: User created Black Ops 2 emblems

    Show off your talents. Post your created Emblems No BS and profanity be reasonable. here is mine at the moment: bb0df9e63e16c0c4e4c3010f901afbd81f262187593fa6b2?size=40&title=ops2&imgtype=svg
  • Forum Post: What to expect in Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer?

    Its very early and will update as new info arises, but I just wanted to see what everybody thinks will be in the multiplayer of COD Ghosts. Last update: August 14 What we know so far: The setting is in the future but with C urrent gen tech and weaponry . They are bringing over T he ability to look around...
  • Forum Post: Black Ops 2 so far?

    With the release of the trailer and some photos I want to see what you guys think so far? What do you expect to see in the campaign and multiplayer when Black Ops 2 launches the 13th of November? What do you expect to see as for Elite and there intergration into Balck Ops 2? Also, What types of DLC do...
  • Forum Post: Robert Bowling is gone. How do you think IW's CoD games will innovate in the future?

    Now that Infinity Ward's Creative Strategist is gone, what do you think they will set up for their next potential Call of Duty game? Will it be another Modern Warfare? Or do you think they will take us back to the days of the World Wars? What about a whole new concept? Leave your ideas below.
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