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To say that Supreme Commander is hard does the game a disservice. Supreme Commander provides a challenge worthy of only the most cunning strategists. Its focus on resources boils down what makes RTS titles fun in the first place. But enough about why we li

Fav Faction

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  • for anyone who comes, what is your favorite faction and why

  • My favorite faction is Cybran.  They have huge and deadly expirementals and the perimiter monitoring system is very helpful in battle.  I always choose Cybran, and I will never bee convinced otherwise.  The Siege Assualt bot can't be beat and the Brick is very handy.  I'm a Cybran!

    Everybody Lies.

  • oh i forgot to post my fav faction

    mine is UEF, ravagers are always useful for creating perimeters and are experimental killers, percival are amazing, fatboys provide excellent support (they have more dps than colossi, only if all there shells hit), UEF drones are the best, novax can be devastating in large numbers (made with speed with help of drones)

    cybran is second favorite, mainly for when i play ranked

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