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StarCraft is so well-balanced that even ten years after its release, players are still finding new strategies to employ. Because StarCraft II looks to rewrite the rules of space combat as we know them, let's band together and refine our tactics

Thoughts on Starcraft 2.

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  • Starcraft 2 has been a long awaited game for many and its release will lead to many a sleepless day... or week. So what are your thoughts on the sequal? What do you think is gonna be going on in the universe and how the different factions and species are going to interact? Really, just toss out anything you wanna say about   Starcraft 2.

    It's gonna be AWESOME!

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  • I've been waiting at least 2 years for this game to come out. The trailers for this game look amazing and the graphics are some of the best I've seen. My fav trailer is the one where it shows how marines are made, thats pretty bad ass.

    I've seen  videos of the game actually being played and the gameplay looks awesome too. One of my favorite new units is this tripod type thing on the protoss side, reminds me of a unit on Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars.

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  • I hope to EDUN its not like Halo 2 all the wait for nothing i mean weve waited forever for the final release date on where it stands i saw the Arbiter was back i think thats what i saw :\ its gona be great i just hope the koreans dont get this game before me i want to be able to think im good at the game before going online and getting raped but thats just me ill stay up till i beat the campaign like all the others THEN hit the online play but yea better be epic or i will blow up the blizzard building well i might spare it lol

  • It'll be a simultaneous world wide release.  But it will use the same match making that WC3 used, so you'll only get your ass handed to you by the Koreans for a few weeks.  :D

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  • I will once again take up the mantle of Terran. Have you seen the Vikings? PWNAGE!! Banshees as well. I love all of those new Terran units. And they were given all sorts of new harassing units, just what the doctor ordered.

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