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You like a little brain tease, but you're not playing chess here. This is war. You love maneuvering troops and laying traps for your enemy. Think you're the master strategist? This group is filled with decorated generals. Start comparing notes.

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    So I just started playing Sins of a Solar Empire (SSE), and I was wondering what race you would recommend. I tend to play Terran in Starcraft, and it seems like the TEC is similar in style. What strategy does each race have, any help is greatly appreciated. Sk3mo
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    Starcraft 2 has been a long awaited game for many and its release will lead to many a sleepless day... or week. So what are your thoughts on the sequal? What do you think is gonna be going on in the universe and how the different factions and species are going to interact? Really, just toss out anything...
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