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The Official Madden Huddle

Everyone's got an opinion on the new Madden, so feel free to Monday-morning quarterback your heart out with others. Want to know how to beat the blitz? Consider this your playbook to victory.

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  • Forum Post: Anyone simulate 2010 NFL Playoff games yet?

    Well, I just played a Madden 10 game between the Jets and the Chargers, and I won 42-17. Darelle Revis had 3 picks, Thomas Jones had 237 rushing yards, and Mark Sanchez threw for over 300 yards. So all you Chargers fans out there, think of this as a warning: the Jets will destroy the Chargers this weekend...
  • Forum Post: All show no Go

    Madden 10 did not live up to its hype in anyway or form. Th gang tackles and players breaking two or three man tackles is cool but that's about it. Wide receivers and defensive backs zoom to the ball when you press triangle and linebackers jumping ten feet in the air to intercept balls that would...
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