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Whether it's Half-Life's well-polished single-player experience, Left 4 Dead's intense multiplayer mayhem, or the amusing puzzle-like experience that was Portal, it's hard to argue with Valve pedigree, but you can certainly try if you'd like.

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  • Forum Post: You can get the Portal Gun Replica, NOW!!! is now selling the portal gun from the awesome game Portal. Only 5000 were made, and they cost $139, so if you want it, you better keep an eye on the site, because they go out of stock fast.
  • Forum Post: Valve Hardware?

    What would you want Valve to include in if they made a console?
  • Forum Post: Where do you think Valve will go next with the Portal Series?

    Though Portal 2 reached a satisfying ending, I hope I can visit Aperture one more time. What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Portal series if they make one?
  • Forum Post: My HL2 Keeps Crashing

    I know this deals with technical issues more than anything else, but since I've switched to Windows 7, I've been playing through my Steam games. I went through Portal without a hitch, but I've tried playing Half Life 2 and it's been crashing on me. Has anybody else had this problem and...
  • Forum Post: Favorite to Least Favorite L4D2 End of Campaign Rescue

    Dead Center - Scavenge to refuel car Dark Carnival - Bashing Horde of Zombies with Guitars at Concert Swamp Fever - Defense at the Mansion Hard Rain - Waiting for boat at Tank Burger The Parish - Running for your life across the narrow Bridge
  • Forum Post: Freeman"s next Life

    How will Gordon Freeman be evolved in either Half Life 2-episode 3 or just a Half Life 3, What will happen to him in the next episode?
  • Forum Post: Favorite team fortress 2 character

    For one of the best multiplayer games, everyone has gotta have one favorite out of the nine mercenaries. Which one is your favorite? Mine's the demoman. I was even him for halloween.
  • Forum Post: Team Fortress 2

    Surely I'm not the only one who plays TF2, the game that defined and perfected class based multiplayer combat. Since 2007 Valve has continued to update and support TF2 and now it's down to the final class updates (Soldier, Engineer, and Demoman) as well as the last 2 class "Meet the ___"...
  • Forum Post: Half-Life 2

    Does anyone play Half-Life 2 online anymore because I am looking for a match but I can't find one
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