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Whether it's Half-Life's well-polished single-player experience, Left 4 Dead's intense multiplayer mayhem, or the amusing puzzle-like experience that was Portal, it's hard to argue with Valve pedigree, but you can certainly try if you'd like.

Aperture Mesa

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  • Haha I made his Aperture Mesa logo for a Computer Applications project a couple years back and decided to make it my profile pic. This raises the question: If (Suspend your disbelief) they were to set aside their differences and join, what would be some results and/or creations of Aperture Mesa? I like to imagine GLaDOS and Dr. Kleiner working together, as impossible as it may be. Sorry I don't have a larger picture, it exceeded the file size.

  • I see Dr. Magnison, Cave Johnson (aperture's founder), and GLaDOS combining forces to destroy the world.

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