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Whether it's Half-Life's well-polished single-player experience, Left 4 Dead's intense multiplayer mayhem, or the amusing puzzle-like experience that was Portal, it's hard to argue with Valve pedigree, but you can certainly try if you'd like.

Left4Dead Failure

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  • (It may seem late) but i just picked up Left4Dead! Today was my second time playing, and it did not go as well as my first run. I joined a game that was already in the middle of the last level, and i had low health. I died about twice, and on my third rescue, i was waiting for this to happen, and was watching a video, and didn't realize that i had been rescued until about a minute afterwards. And by that time everyone was dead, and i got totally annihilated by the horde. Everyone kicked me. Just thought i'd share.

    And that's what she said.




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