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Whether it's Half-Life's well-polished single-player experience, Left 4 Dead's intense multiplayer mayhem, or the amusing puzzle-like experience that was Portal, it's hard to argue with Valve pedigree, but you can certainly try if you'd like.

Left 4 Dead- Mario Crossover

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  • Allucard on Newgrounds.com made this awesome trailer of a mario left-4-dead crossover. I'm hoping he makes a actual co-op game out of it, it looks really cool.

    This is a customized map for the original Left 4 Dead on PC. It is mapped after the Princess Peach's castle from Mario 64. It is truly awesomeand  very nostalgic.


  • Wow that's just amazing.  Just look at the detail the mapper put into it, because usually map copies have different props and textures built into it.  I would love to get my hands on that map.

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