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Bungie's Halo is a franchise that just keeps on growing. Whether you want to gossip about the 'good old days' of Halo 2, talk about your latest ODST triumphs, or catch up on the latest Reach rumors, consider this is you one stop shop for everything Halo.

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  • Forum Post: Shedding Light on Halo 4

    [As written in my blog " Changing the Way you Play Halo " on the site.] We all know deep down in our hearts that Halo 4- while representing the decade old and still kicking sci-fi shooter that started it all on Xbox, is going to be a change of pace when it graces consumer shelves. While the...
  • Forum Post: Anyone skeptical about Halo 4???

    I have been reading about Halo 4 and watching the videos(cause of the cover story) and it sounds like CoD or BF3.Custom classes,armor abilities,perks,and ranking up to get weapons,auto-matic spawn points,random weapon spawns?Does NOT sound like Halo to me.I have been trying to convince myself that it...
  • Forum Post: Starting to play Halo Reach again

    I am looking for people to play with. I don't mind playing with randoms but playing with a group is a lot more fun to me. My gamertag is xTmX Korrupt. Please add me :)
  • Forum Post: What about the Campaign? (**Spoilers might be present**)

    As I read through the forms I haven't seen much talk about Halo Reach's Campaign, I was curious to know how everyone felt about it. Do you think its a good story? What do you think of the new gameplay (Equipment, Weapons, Melees, etc.)? What did you think of the Cinematic's? Is it your favorite...
  • Forum Post: What happens when you get booted from a match???

    i have been playing Halo Reach since the day it came out and i have accidently betrayed a few people.And of course i get booted but...i dont know what happens.Does anyone have any idea what happens when you get booted.

    well now that ive gotten the game(witch by the way i am really impressed with) ive gotten to use the DMR. i got to be honest, i am SO GLAD the DMR actually works now that ive played reach. and now it takes some skill to kill from far away cuz the gun takes patience to use effectively. i love all the...

    i personally am looking forward to invasion mode the most. spartans vs elites should have been done in both halo 2 and halo 3. but better late than never. what about u guys, what multiplayer mode are you guys looking forward too?

    man im going to be ariving at gamestop at 9pm on the 13th. gona pull an all nighter on reach. what about you guys, are you guys gona go get it at midnight, get it later on the 14th, or get it some other time?
  • Forum Post: Halo Reach Alternate Ending

    As most of us know,there is an alternate ending at the end of every Halo Campaign,and an even more alternate ending if you beat it on Legendary.What do you think the alternate ending in Halo Reach is?I think it will end with Noble 6 surviving a huge explosion(I mean the guy you play as).I think that...
  • Forum Post: Why isnt Master Chief in Reach?

    If you havent heard,the great Spartan-117 isnt going to be in Reach,at least thats what Bungie said.Does anyone know why?I mean Reach is suppose to be Bungies last Halo game,so why not put the character that made Halo so famous in the first place???
  • Forum Post: Re: Halo 4 Ideas

    um i think the metaphor "for every new begining,there is an old beginings end" fits perfect here.i think you should start as someone new like someone who has been in all halo games(not like sgt johnson)like someone who was a rookie in Halo1 but,after Halo3 is a play as him fighting...
  • Forum Post: Halo 4 Ideas

    What do you think would be the story in Halo 4,if it ever comes out?I think it will be Master-Chief landing on the shield planet.Then Super-Sentinals attack him,right when he finds a crashed Hornet,he hears a woman scream in his radio.He realizes that it is Cortana so he fights off the last Sentinals...
  • Forum Post: release halo ce and halo 2 again

    it wound be awesome if bungie or microsoft release halo ce and halo 2 again with polished grapics, forge, xbox live, and all on one disc.
  • Forum Post: Master-Chief vs. Darth Vader

    All right,just picture any Halo Universe character and any character from a different game fighting each other,and post an awesome combination.
  • Forum Post: Bye-Bye Brutes

    Yes it is true that when Halo Reach comes out September 14th that there will be no Brutes.Hopefully the Elites will be able to use U.N.S.C. weapons and vehicles like Halo 2.And yes I know arbiter fan will go crazy with this subject.
  • Forum Post: Re: Halo Reach Beta

    Just wanted to pop in and share a couple of videos I've shot so far... Free-for-all Oddball Slayer
  • Forum Post: Halo Reach Beta

    So guys after playing the beta today, all day I assume, what are your thoughts!? I personally can't believe that they could make multiplayer more addicting but thats exactly what they did. The credits are a coveted lot along with the rank ups. So far my fav game types are Stockpile and SWAT. The...
  • Forum Post: Re: Time To Show Off Your Stuff!!!

    Well after all the threads on all the forums that I have seen where they ask to see your Halo gear I never took the time to gather it up and take a photo. So as a special treat for my buds here in the Halo Haven, I actually did. So here is most of my collection. Not pictured are the 3 calenders, the...
  • Forum Post: Time To Show Off Your Stuff!!!

    Ok so we all talk about it, lets share a little more about ourselves. Given that your comfortable enough to do so of course. Grab your t-shirts, posters, games, maps, spartan helmets, backpacks, (i once even saw a guy with a tattoo or the lengendary logo on his back). I'll be honest I don't have...
  • Forum Post: Re: Two Arbiters???

    Which Monitor ? 343 Guilty Spark , 2401 Penitent Tangent , 686 Ebullient Prism , The Knowing , 032 Mendicant Bias , Offensive Bias , or the Cold Storage Monitor ?
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