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Bungie's Halo is a franchise that just keeps on growing. Whether you want to gossip about the 'good old days' of Halo 2, talk about your latest ODST triumphs, or catch up on the latest Reach rumors, consider this is you one stop shop for everything Halo.

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  • Forum Post: For REACH fans

    Here anything that involves reach goes here.

    i personally am looking forward to invasion mode the most. spartans vs elites should have been done in both halo 2 and halo 3. but better late than never. what about u guys, what multiplayer mode are you guys looking forward too?

    man im going to be ariving at gamestop at 9pm on the 13th. gona pull an all nighter on reach. what about you guys, are you guys gona go get it at midnight, get it later on the 14th, or get it some other time?
  • Forum Post: Funniest moments online

    Heres a few of my funny moments online: 1)Me and 3 of my friends were on sandtrap, just bordering the edge of the map, I had a sniper and a gravity hammer. I was sniping everyone that was far away and my friends were taking out the people coming up the hill, when all of a sudden, a guy on a mongoose...
  • Forum Post: Re: Breathin' life into the forum.

    Max : O! I see what you're saying! You mean glitches are cheap when you use them to kill people!!! I know that. I mean if you are just with your friends for fun it might be cool to glitch out of the map. I would never abuse it. I would use them for fun only. For example if I am with my friends in...
  • Forum Post: Something i don't like about Halo

    Ha! I guess you have never read the books then! 1st off, the Spartan-IIIs were taken from a larger amount of candidates so they were not as "perfect" as the Spartan-IIs. 2. The Spartan-IIIs were NOT given the same augmentation. 3. The Spartan-IIIs were not given the same medicine and pills...
  • Forum Post: If there was forge in Halo Reach, what features would you want?

    If there was going to be forge for Halo Reach, what features would you want? I think they should add a undo/redo button. Please post about what features you think Halo Reach's forge should have.
  • Forum Post: Halo 4(not Reach) theories anyone?

    I would love to hear your theories on Halo 4 if it should come out. Also I would like to share my own. The recon armor was an obvious tip of the hat to team ninja. Is it possible that team ninja and 343 studios could be working together on this one? And if so what does this entail? Flying Bird Jumping...
  • Forum Post: Hey Whats Up

    Hey, Im a huge Halo fan, (read the books, played the games, freaked out when i saw halo waypoint!) ...CoUgH... Thats Right...
  • Forum Post: Halo Zero

    Some of you may have heard of this gem and some of you will have no idea it even existed. Either way, if your a Halo fan.......your gonna enjoy it. This game was created by someone who goes by the name "Dobermann". It in no way was endorsed by Bungie or Halo so it went realitively unknown for...
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