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Bungie's Halo is a franchise that just keeps on growing. Whether you want to gossip about the 'good old days' of Halo 2, talk about your latest ODST triumphs, or catch up on the latest Reach rumors, consider this is you one stop shop for everything Halo.

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  • Forum Post: GoodBye Bungie....

    I Dont Know About Yall, but im really sad that bungie isnt making the next Halo Game. i May not even buy it if it isnt that important to the storyline of Halo. But I did Want Bungie to let another developer to give Halo a Try. If you remember, in an earlier forum post, i wanted the Dead SPace 2 Developer...
  • Forum Post: The Official Sargeant Johnson thread

    uhhh that photo was from the original predator movie
  • Forum Post: Who do you like being in the halo 3 multiplayer and with what armor, spartans or elites?

    I personally like both but right now I am a spartan with scout armor, I might change to elite but hardly any elites out there, anyone know why?
  • Forum Post: The Official Sargeant Johnson thread

    i mean did you see what he did in halo 2 and 3 or not
  • Forum Post: Re: Halo 4 Ideas

    um i think the metaphor "for every new begining,there is an old beginings end" fits perfect here.i think you should start as someone new like someone who has been in all halo games(not like sgt johnson)like someone who was a rookie in Halo1 but,after Halo3 is a play as him fighting...
  • Forum Post: Re: Breathin' life into the forum.

    Max : O! I see what you're saying! You mean glitches are cheap when you use them to kill people!!! I know that. I mean if you are just with your friends for fun it might be cool to glitch out of the map. I would never abuse it. I would use them for fun only. For example if I am with my friends in...
  • Forum Post: Two Arbiters???

    OKay so I just got done playing H3, and im on the level: "the Covenant" and the last part of that level, At Journey's End. Its the part where the Arbiter is about to kill truth. Okay, so your about to walk up to that podium where they are and then a cutscene takes over. Before that scene...
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