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Bungie's Halo is a franchise that just keeps on growing. Whether you want to gossip about the 'good old days' of Halo 2, talk about your latest ODST triumphs, or catch up on the latest Reach rumors, consider this is you one stop shop for everything Halo.

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    well now that ive gotten the game(witch by the way i am really impressed with) ive gotten to use the DMR. i got to be honest, i am SO GLAD the DMR actually works now that ive played reach. and now it takes some skill to kill from far away cuz the gun takes patience to use effectively. i love all the...

    i personally am looking forward to invasion mode the most. spartans vs elites should have been done in both halo 2 and halo 3. but better late than never. what about u guys, what multiplayer mode are you guys looking forward too?

    man im going to be ariving at gamestop at 9pm on the 13th. gona pull an all nighter on reach. what about you guys, are you guys gona go get it at midnight, get it later on the 14th, or get it some other time?
  • Forum Post: Why isnt Master Chief in Reach?

    If you havent heard,the great Spartan-117 isnt going to be in Reach,at least thats what Bungie said.Does anyone know why?I mean Reach is suppose to be Bungies last Halo game,so why not put the character that made Halo so famous in the first place???
  • Forum Post: Funniest moments online

    Heres a few of my funny moments online: 1)Me and 3 of my friends were on sandtrap, just bordering the edge of the map, I had a sniper and a gravity hammer. I was sniping everyone that was far away and my friends were taking out the people coming up the hill, when all of a sudden, a guy on a mongoose...
  • Forum Post: Who do you like being in the halo 3 multiplayer and with what armor, spartans or elites?

    I personally like both but right now I am a spartan with scout armor, I might change to elite but hardly any elites out there, anyone know why?
  • Forum Post: Re: Halo 4 Ideas

    um i think the metaphor "for every new begining,there is an old beginings end" fits perfect here.i think you should start as someone new like someone who has been in all halo games(not like sgt johnson)like someone who was a rookie in Halo1 but,after Halo3 is a play as him fighting...
  • Forum Post: Halo 4 Ideas

    What do you think would be the story in Halo 4,if it ever comes out?I think it will be Master-Chief landing on the shield planet.Then Super-Sentinals attack him,right when he finds a crashed Hornet,he hears a woman scream in his radio.He realizes that it is Cortana so he fights off the last Sentinals...
  • Forum Post: release halo ce and halo 2 again

    it wound be awesome if bungie or microsoft release halo ce and halo 2 again with polished grapics, forge, xbox live, and all on one disc.
  • Forum Post: Explosion lag?

    A few days ago, I was in Halo 3's Forge, on Guardian. I wanted to see how big an explosion I could get on that map, so I proceeded to set all of the power cores and plasma batteries in one central place. I then saved it, and went back to blow it up. I got a Magnum, and fired one shot at the shielded...
  • Forum Post: If there was forge in Halo Reach, what features would you want?

    If there was going to be forge for Halo Reach, what features would you want? I think they should add a undo/redo button. Please post about what features you think Halo Reach's forge should have.
  • Forum Post: Halo 4(not Reach) theories anyone?

    I would love to hear your theories on Halo 4 if it should come out. Also I would like to share my own. The recon armor was an obvious tip of the hat to team ninja. Is it possible that team ninja and 343 studios could be working together on this one? And if so what does this entail? Flying Bird Jumping...
  • Forum Post: HALO REACH

    Do you think that HALO REACH will tell more about the cheif's past and even about the other spartans?
  • Forum Post: Halo Waypoint

    Odd how all my posts here begin with the word Halo.......or is it!? So tomorrow Halo Waypoint becomes available for download! I expect to see some feedback from you guys as to how you like it. Post a review or a blog and let us know here. I am pumped for it!
  • Forum Post: Halo's future

    (see my blog for my full opinion) so they are saying reach is going to be the last halo game if im remembering right...and in my opinion i think they are ending the game series a tad too early what do you guys think?
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