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Anyone skeptical about Halo 4???

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  • I have been reading about Halo 4 and watching the videos(cause of the cover story) and it sounds like CoD or BF3.Custom classes,armor abilities,perks,and ranking up to get weapons,auto-matic spawn points,random weapon spawns?Does NOT sound like Halo to me.I have been trying to convince myself that it will be good,such as:Classes?Well Reach kinda had classes and so did Gears3...and that turned out cool.Random weapon spawns?All those veterans that know the map and what weapons are good dont have that advantage anymore. Besides that,Halo doesnt look good.I am a LOOOONG time Halo vet,and this just doesnt seem right.

    Anyone out there that can convince me?Or anyone feel the same way?

  • im skeptical......honestly i trust 343 as a studio but i believe they are taking to much away from reach and not enough from the earlier titles....as for the random weapon spawns... i like that i mean how many times in matchmaking has your team got slaughtered because they got the sword first? my biggest concern is who the enemy is they arent saying nothing about it

    Beer is the answer, but I can't remember the question.



  • I was skeptical, then I read the cover story.

  • really? my subscription ran out last month i gotta renew. i really do want to read that cover story

    Beer is the answer, but I can't remember the question.



  • Cover story was cool,but it didnt convince me.

    And i agree with xking595x about the random weapon spawns.

  • I at first was annoyed by random spawn weapons but now  I am optimistic about it.  Random spawns are kind of a wild card for sure, but they are still skill based because everything still depends on the players.  I understand that strategy is a big part of the game, but often times there was only one "right" way to do it.  For example in Halo 3 the Laser on valhalla always spawned in the center on the hill.  Since its such a map control weapon in such a dominant location, everyone rushes the center hill EVERYTIME.   Fixed spawns can work out and provide a consistent and great map experience, or they can do the opposite.  So while we may have lost some opening "strategy", we have gained something else.  Now things will depend on your ability to shift gears and change strategies when the weapons fall.  Everything is still dependent on you as a player, but now its less of 1 team getting to all the weapons first and dominating half of the entire match.

    I am more concerned about the perks and abilities.  I hate this trend that CoD introduced that everyone feels they need to use as well.  Its based on instant gratification, and it can lead to imbalanced gameplay.  I would say that it ended up working out in Reach, but if its being expanded upon in Halo 4, it could break the game in unforeseen ways.

  • honestly it still seams entirely different from cod

  • The thing that really made me nervous about the gameplay was the new armor ability that allows you to see through walls. It seems more than a little bit like wall hacks to me. And it probably is gonna be the new n00b ability.


  • To me the armor ability to see through walls is actually balanced from the start, even if it were as good as batmans "detective mode"... which they have confirmed it won't be.

    To me its actually an anti-noob ability because noobs often rely on camping and surprise tactics rather than skills.  If they have no where to hide, it will be very hard for them to beat you if you are simply better than them.  It strikes me just as a more advanced version of radar, which is always displaying movement in a 360 degree radius anyway.  This will just show you people who are hiding, and I would not be surprised if it was not used very much because of pre-existing radar.

    An example of a noob ability is armor lock, because it was an instant invincible bail-out button and far too powerful when used with teammates.  They have removed it from Halo 4.

  • i wonder if because of this new ability if they make invisibility harder to see to balance it

  • Yeah,armor lock was pretty noobish.And i like your reasoning on how Forunner Vision is good,at first i thought it was noobish,but not anymore.

    Plus,when i think about if these new additions:classes,perks,new armor abilities,etc... will work is if i TRY it.But with NO beta,it made it hard to see if all the pieces of the puzzle fit.

    P.S.-I think the story sounds great.

  • The story does sound very interesting, and its what I think will actually rock in this game.  While many often praise the Bungie Halo games for their story, I actually don't think the story is all that good, or at least, well told.  It has a great and deep back-story to everything, but after Halo 2 (where everyone hated the story and I loved it) is when I feel Bungie's story telling abilities plummeted.  I really did not care all that much at the end of Halo 3, it felt like the deep mysteries ended up not mattering or not being mysteries and it just sort of ended.  It was a definitive ending for sure, but that does not mean it was great.

    I just felt Bungie missed the mark on the story telling, and I am very excited to see if its going to change gears under 343.

    I was also a little disappointed by there being no beta.  After having it for 3 and Reach, its feels like a step backwards.  But hopefully they get enough data from testing internally.  Bungie always felt that the best test was to put it out in the wild for people to try in masses, thus halo games have always had awesome netcode.  Hopefully that quality does not go away.  

  • Far too much focus on multiplayer from you guys.  Perks, loadouts, armor abilities, these things only seem to be bad when people who do not like COD or Battlefield say they are bad.  A custom loadout is a very very small part of multiplayer and will not affect multiplayer any more than armor abilities did.  Stating that the game will not be halo if it has these additions is a fan justifying his dislike of COD and the like.

    The big story here is well......the story.  This will reshape the franchise and give it a fresh new feel.  A history deeper than we know but have always wanted.  Master Chief is back and many questions we have will be addressed.  The only concern I have from this point is that this is going to be another trilogy and while knowing that, I do not wish to have an ending to the first two installments that do nothing but stop in mid stride and have you wait a year for the next game.  I hope there is some closure after each and just the right amount of intrigue for the next.

    As for 343's art department, have you not seen what they have been showing?  Art wise, this is a beautiful game!  A step up in design and execution to be sure.  No worries about that.

    In the end I think people can do nothing but be optimistic at this point.  Anything negative drawn from what we know is all personal preference and in no way makes me less excited for the game.  I may be a blinded fanboy of the series but I have not been as excited for a halo game as I am for this one.  Feels new, feels good.


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  • Kudos Triller.

  • "Anything negative drawn from what we know is all personal preference..." well worded holmes!

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