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Funniest Way You Died

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  • Me and my friend made a Mongoose racetrack in Reach's Forge World. He got a bad start and asked me to stop, so I braked my Mongoose and got off. Then, my friend drove by and splattered me! XD


  • The funniest Halo death I ever saw in general was when I was playing the mission Tip of the Spear in Reach. I got to the part when there are a couple Ghosts and a Revenant parked, and I got on the Revenant to pursue a Grunt-driven Ghost. The Grunt drove into a rock, and went flying through the air, ramming into an Elite's face in the process. I laughing so hard it hurt, I kept reverting to the previous checkpoint in hopes it would happen again and I could catch the moment on camera, but to no avail. =(


  • The time I played double slayer on Halo 2. I was playing with my sis online and  we were on opposite teams. All I could say was that she is a good camper. Headshots all the way through the end of the battle.

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