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Maybe you're not as steroid-fueled as the heroes in Gears. Maybe you've never saved the planet from a legion of Locust. Maybe you've never made it to level 50 in Horde. None of that matters in this group. Every Gearhead is welcome.

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  • Forum Post: Why should C.Carmine live or die?

    As you Gears fans must know there is a poll that says to kill or save Carmine.I personally say he must live but what do you think.I want you to put WHY Carmine must live or die.
  • Forum Post: Anya

    I'm not really sure but I wanted to ask before I assume. During the game in GOW1 and GOW2 there are hints that there is some sort of romance between Anya and Marcus. I just wanted to see if it was just me, or if other people think that this will somehow affect the third game which might start to...
  • Forum Post: Locust Queen

    So has there been any official discussion by Epic as to why the locust queen was butt ugly in GOW but hot in GOW2? Was she putting on a facade in GOW2 to make herself more like humans to better appease Marcus?
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