My question the forum users is why doesn't gears 3 have a shotgun that has 9 or 10 round in a magazine, twice the fire rate of the gnasher, but only deals 1/3rd of the gnashers damage? then when you perfect reload it, it give you 1/2 the damage of a gnasher. lets be honest, it would certainly garner some attention form the community(just like the sawn-off shotgun has), and would be a weapon that would change the way you play(also like the sawn-off has). i personally would have loved to seen it appear in gears 3 and represent the final real world shotgun(auto shotguns). but for some reason it didn't, witch is baffling when you consider that EPIC just covered the 3 major real world assault rifles in the gears 3 beta. now to the guys who didn't play the beta or for people who want a little refresher, let me show you the list of assault rifles and shot guns that are covered in gears 3. (after reading my list, you may see why I'm a little upset over the non existence of an auto shot gun in gears)

the first gun ill list is one of the 2 real world assult rifles that EPIC has had covered since the beginnings of gears of war, and that  is the M4 type assault rifle(the lancer). it has low power, low recoil, high accuracy, very high ammo capacity(300 reserve rounds once spawned, capable of carrying 660 rounds, and has 60 rounds a magazine), and has a high fire rate.(and don't forget it has the mother of all melee attacks, the chainsaw that now {unlike the 2 previous gears of wars} cant be turned off when the user is shot. EPIC decided to do this to try to counter the sawn-off shotgun and retro lancer.)

The other real world assault rifle that has been in gears of war since the beginning is the M14 type assault rifle(the hammerburst ll). it has moderately high power, moderately low to very high recoil,  very low to very high accuracy(using trigger discipline will make this gun as accurate as a boltoks pistol, making it more accurate than the lancer. on full auto, this gun has moderate recoil and moderate accuracy. however, if shot as fast as the user finger can move, the gun becomes extremely inaccurate and is virtually impossible to control.{however, it must be noted that if this method of fire is used at close range, it can beat a retro lancer in damage dealt per second. but that still doesn't mean it can realistically take a retro lancer at close range due to the hammerburst being virtually uncontrollable if fired as fast as possible.}), has moderately low ammo capacity(200 reserve rounds once you spawn, capable of carrying 300 rounds, and 20 in each magazine), and a moderate to very high fire rate(it may not have a special melee like the other 2 assault rifles, but it is fully auto and semi auto. so you can either have it fire continuously with moderate recoil, or shoot as fast as your trigger finger can go, but at the price of controllable recoil.)(it must also be noted that this gun's perfect reload bar {very white part of the active reload bar} is different from all the other guns in the game. its perfect reload bar is actually behind the active reload bar. getting use to that may take sometime.)

the last assault rifle that is in the game is also a gun that is making its debut in the gears of war series, and it finally covers the AK-47 type assault rifle(the retro lancer)(it must be noted that this gun may be different in the full game due to the complaints it received during the beta period.{its moderately high hip-fire accuracy combined with its already overwhelming firepower made it arguably more useful than the 2 shotguns at pointblank, witch caused an uproar in the beta forums. so expect it to have very poor accuracy when hip-fired in the full game}). it has high to very high power(it must be noted that bullet for bullet{not including explosive based weapons or the shotguns} that this gun is only beat by the one shot, longshot, snub pistol, and boltoks pistol in damage dealt per bullet. and is only beat in damage dealt per second by kill shots made by instant kill weapons and explosive based weapons), moderately high to very high recoil, high to very low accuracy(it must also be noted that this gun can be highly accurate if the user uses it as a semi automatic weapon{however, even with the combination of high power and trigger discipline, it can not match in hammerburst in medium to long range encounters, so don't waste your time trying to out gun an opponent that is using a hammerburt at medium to very long range with the retro lancer.}) a moderate ammo capacity(150 reserve rounds once spawned, capable of carrying 450 rounds, and has 30 rounds a magazine), and a moderately high fire rate(the retro lancer also brings with it the devastatingly effective knife bayonet. it may take a second to reach the speed required to get the instant kill, but you can do something with the retro lancers' knife bayonet that you cant with the lancers' chainsaw, and that is get an instant kill on the run. and the knife isn't only used for getting an instant kill if user is in full charge, it is also used in the elbow-strike, making it 1 of the 3 guns{ retro lancer, torque bow, and boomshot} that can down an opponent in 2 melee attacks instead of 3. {however, if you do see a guy with a normal lancer, think twice before charging him {especially if they see you coming} due to the fact that Cliffy B himself said that even if the retro lancer user in full bayonet charge, it will never get past a fully revved chainsaw. plus, it is very hard to move side to side when user is in full charge, so be careful for player that just roll out of the way.)(it also must be noted that this guns perfect reaload bar {very white part in front of the active reload bar} is the smallest of all the guns in gears of war 3. chances of a perfect reload are slim at best. however, if a perfect reload is achieved, the guns accuracy is doubled and recoil cut in half, making it arguably the gun with the best perfect reload bonus {only topped by the extra explosive power given if perfect reload is achieved with boomshot and mortar, and the gnashers extra damage if perfect reload is achieved.})  so there are the assault rifles. all major assault rifle types finally taken care of(m4, m14, and ak47) but what about the shotguns.

The first shotgun ill cover is the one that has been it he series since the beginning of  gears of war, the pump action/lever action type shotgun(the gnasher shotgun maybe lever action, but for all intensive purposes, this also covers pump action shotguns) it has very low to instant kill fire power, moderately low recoil, low range(it must be noted that unlike a lot of other games that have shotguns, the pellets that come out form the gnasher don't disappear after a certain distance. so it is possible to hit an opponent that is more than 100 meters away from you{however, you shouldn't be using this gun when the person is at that range anyways.}), moderate ammo capacity(16 reserve rounds once spawned, capable of carrying 39 rounds, and and can hold 8 rounds in the tubular magazine), and moderately low fire rate(no special attack with this gun, but that's not to say the one shot capability isn't awesome.)(it must also be noted that this gun has arguably the most effective perfect reload bonus. its damage is increased roughly by 1.5 to 2.1% per pellet, making it a full 15 to 20% stronger if perfect reload is achieved.)(on a final note towards this gun, this is considered by the gears of war community to be one of 2 guns that shouldn't be swapped out for a pick up weapon unless it is absolutly necessary. it may be a default weapon, but the fact that it has the capability to do a great deal of damage within a few meters and is a possible instant kill shot weapon withing 1 meter, makes the gnasher a gun that shouldn't be overlooked.)

The other shotgun that's in gears of war 3 is as brand new as the retro lancer. its now covering the double barreled type of shotgun(the sawn-off shotgun) (must also note that this gun is different from all the other guns because of its gigantic 145 degree blast radius, and may change in the full game due to complaints during the beta period, so will require a different form of rating.) this gun like a few others only has one shot in it before you have to reload. it dishes out 4 types of damage per shot. no damage, half health damage, downs the opponent damage, or total vaporization of opponent damage.(the downs the opponent damage and or half health damage per shot may be taken out of the full game due to influx of complaints towards the weapon during the beta period.) recoil doesn't matter due to it only having one shot before a reload is required.range is extremely low, must be within 1 meter for it to have an instant kill(however, it has been reported and proven that this gun can down within 2 meters and take a substantial amount of health away at 3 meters.) extremely low ammo capacity(4 reserve rounds once spawned, capable of carrying 6 rounds, an hold one round a magazine{to the new guys, don't let the double barrels fool you, this gun only shoots once before you have to reload. and shooting it doesn't eat up two rounds. so you can either think that you actually start off with 8 rounds and you shoot 2 at a time or just pretend that the gun only has one tube.}), and no fire rate with this gun being that it only has one shot in it.( though it must be noted that the guns reload time is between long and excruciatingly long depending on whether the user active reloads or jams the gun{if user jams gun, the sawn-off shotgun then has the longest reload of all the gears of war 3 weapons.) this is actually a gun that does not have a power up if perfect reloaded. the gun only reloads faster than if you were to active reload. (on a final note, this gun is the other 1 of the 2 guns that the gears of war community considers shouldn't be dropped unless absolutly necessary. it may only have one shot before a reload is necessary, and its max effective range may only be 2 meters, but its one-shot capability combined with enormous 145 degree blast radius at point blank{several times that of the gnasher at point blank} cant be ignored.) so there you go new guys(and guys who wanted a refreshing). a list on the default assault rifles and shotguns for gears of war 3. ill also cover all the guns of the game before the game comes out. but now to the forum regarding a auto shotgun.

Why didnt EPIC put an auto shotgun in the game? it could have been a cool add on to the game. and there's really no way it could have broke the game.  i mean if they just made it the weakest shotgun there would be no way it could spam the game. even with the faster fire rate. the only way it could have gotten spammed is if the made it half the strength of the gnasher before a perfect reload had occurred. but hey, at least they added the retro lancer(my new favorite weapon.) but what about you guys. are you somewhat annoyed or somewhat glad that they didn't add a auto shotgun to gears of war 3?