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You like shooters because you like the sense of power they give you. Few games are as skilled at making you feel like a competent warrior as Infinity Ward's Call of Duty series. Every bullet has a story. Take a moment and tell us a few of yours.

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  • Forum Post: AC130 vs. Chopper Gunner

    So,you and your friend are playing Free-For-All,you have either a Chopper or an AC130,and your friend has the other,which do you think will win. P.S.This should be on Deadliest Warrior.
  • Forum Post: Re: Ideas for new Killstreaks

    6 Killstreak: MGL Drop Like a care package or sentry gun, once earned this killstreak has to be called in with a smoke canister. The crate drops, and gives you a non-reloadable, one time use (6 shots) Multiple Grenade Launcher. This temporarily replaces your primary weapon, not dropping it, but just...
  • Forum Post: Ideas for new Killstreaks

    Here is just a simple forum to describe any Ideas for new killstreaks and How many kills that you think they should be to earn
  • Forum Post: COD PS3 GAME NIGHT 2!!!!!

    PS3Altair here. Before i continue please note this may not happen for a month or two... right now at this stage i would like to ask for feedback on how this can be better than the first, and would like to find out when we can get a maxamine amount of players to join. Also, should this be COD modern Warfare...
  • Forum Post: FOR PS3 GAMERS ONLY!!!! COD GameInformer Unofficial Game Night

    Hello, Ps3Altair here. I would like to announce a unofficial Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2Game Night for members of the GI community i will be hosting. Just so you know before you make any decisions, this is likely to be cancelled at anytime, which if it is i will alert you on this thread. i will start...
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