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You like shooters because you like the sense of power they give you. Few games are as skilled at making you feel like a competent warrior as Infinity Ward's Call of Duty series. Every bullet has a story. Take a moment and tell us a few of yours.

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  • Forum Post: What New/Old features would you like to see in the upcoming Black ops 2?

    I know that it is kind of early to be talking about this but it couldn't hurt seeing all of your opinions. One old feature I would like to see returned is the ability to create your own emblem, I realy liked it there were a lot of tallented people out there some not so much. Another feature that...
  • Forum Post: Re: Thoughts on MW3 maps ...

    I don't like any of the maps. First, I don't like how all the maps are destroyed and a battlefield. second, why do they even have snipers, you can't snipe from anywhere. they are not even near how good mw2 and black ops maps
  • Forum Post: Re: Black Ops:Video Sharing Thread

    One down, one to go. I am pretty satisfied with just this one though... may or may not get around to publishing the CTF only piece. 7 days... Let me know what ya think, eh?
  • Forum Post: Please stop.

    So one of the greatest annoyances with winning and wnning by a big margin is hearing the other team gripe about how you camped/noob tubed that whole game. Even if you didn't do either the whole match. I've only had one team just man up and say hey great game! Which is what everyone should do...
  • Forum Post: Re: Black Ops general Discussion

    Standard edition here. The only thing I really want is the steelbook case from a hardened/prestige x.x @Waddledee: That sounds alright. I eventually came up with an idea too. Team Wager Mode: Megazord 5 members on each team, each spawns as a color-coded robot-dinosaur. If you fight alone you will not...
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