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You like shooters because you like the sense of power they give you. Few games are as skilled at making you feel like a competent warrior as Infinity Ward's Call of Duty series. Every bullet has a story. Take a moment and tell us a few of yours.

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  • Forum Post: MW3 Update. And Bitterness towards the Type 95.

    I Have been loving this game so far. But few complaints. Has any one gotten the new update yet? Because I haven't as of now. And reading up on the update I noticed their nerfing the type 95 hip spread?? What do they mean by that? Firing form the hip? They need to nerf the rapid fire attachment. Elite...
  • Forum Post: COD PS3 GAME NIGHT 2!!!!!

    PS3Altair here. Before i continue please note this may not happen for a month or two... right now at this stage i would like to ask for feedback on how this can be better than the first, and would like to find out when we can get a maxamine amount of players to join. Also, should this be COD modern Warfare...
  • Forum Post: FOR PS3 GAMERS ONLY!!!! COD GameInformer Unofficial Game Night

    Hello, Ps3Altair here. I would like to announce a unofficial Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2Game Night for members of the GI community i will be hosting. Just so you know before you make any decisions, this is likely to be cancelled at anytime, which if it is i will alert you on this thread. i will start...
  • Forum Post: Favorite Weapons Modern Warfare 2

    1 - The ACR is my current tool of choice. Headshots are all I aim for, so sustainable accuracy is a lot more important than raw power - and nothing beats the ACR on that front. It also has very usable iron sights, so going with a silencer alone is not a bad option. 2 - The UMP is by far my most used...
  • Forum Post: WHAT DO U THINK OF THE AK-47 IN MW2

    The FAL is a touchy subject among those I play with. It as well as the burst rifles (M16 and FAMAS) definitely have some utility to them, ideal for hardcore and search and destroy but these weapons lack a very important capability. Everyone has experienced their fair share of deaths due to taking damage...
  • Forum Post: WHAT DO U THINK OF THE AK-47 IN MW2

    Take a look at all of the high end unlocks... The level 60 Assault Rifle, the F2000. An amazing weapon system in real life, but the biggest joke in MW2. It wants to handle like an SMG, but is actually worse than one at long range. Where a UMP can fire the first 2 shots at max range and connect no problem...
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