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You like shooters because you like the sense of power they give you. Few games are as skilled at making you feel like a competent warrior as Infinity Ward's Call of Duty series. Every bullet has a story. Take a moment and tell us a few of yours.

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  • Forum Post: Re: Black Ops general Discussion

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Sheesh , missed a lot over one night... where to begin. Let's take a moment here and address these issues that concern you. Grenade launchers and explosives First barrier: You have to unlock the explosives. They are all scaled...
  • Forum Post: Wrong guns?

    Do you guys think there are any guns that shouldn't be in MW2? If so what guns and why.. Also, what guns should be in place of those guns?
  • Forum Post: Re: Modern Warfare 2 : Video sharing thread

    For better or worse... I did it. I made a montage o.o, The HD first draft is ready for you guys to check out at the link below. Read the video description and annotations... and enjoy :D
  • Forum Post: Re: Modern Warfare 2 : Video sharing thread

    I can't remember which threads I wanted to show these clips, but hopefully everyone will see them in here - the harrier evading 4 stingers, and a bit of final stand insanity.
  • Forum Post: Modern Warfare 2 : Video sharing thread

    Hey everyone, quick dual purpose post here. FIRST OFF, in the past we've all posted videos here and there through out different threads and I thought it would be cool to have them all in one place. Feel free to post any videos you find that you enjoyed - and especially share your own if you do your...
  • Forum Post: Stump the expert - Modern Warfare 2 edition

    Whether it may be considered in bad taste or not, to post a topic like this on ones own initiative... I decided it was high time. There are A LOT of people out there playing Modern Warfare 2. Across three platforms, millions of players are enjoying themselves... and millions are banging their heads against...
  • Forum Post: Re: Modern Warfare 2 Favorite Class

    Still working my way through the ranks to my end goal of 9th prestige lvl 70, but I think I now have my final class stable here. Highlights = changes from original post. Fireteam Alpha M16A4/Red Dot PP2000/Red Dot Claymore Stun Grenade Scavenger Stopping Power Ninja Pro Final Stand Rapid Response P90...
  • Forum Post: Re: Things that just piss you off in MW2 online multiplayer

    These are just some of the reasons i am rage quitting MW2 and heading back towards COD4. Im just tired of the riot shield guys, noob tubes and RPGs, the unfair air support and the poor spawning system ( i have spawned 10 ft infront of a guy in team deathmatch and got killed rite away). Its amazing because...
  • Forum Post: Xbox 360 MW2 Alliance: Exciting details inside!

    Greetings everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know of a group that is coming together on Xbox Live... An idea discussed in jest between friends for years, it was the release of MW2 that made things seem more feasible. Our friends lists grew, and together we have a decent network of players to tap into...
  • Forum Post: Re: Upcoming Modern Warfare Title

    IW is out of the game - so I'm not holding my breath on any future releases. MW2 hit the sweet spot though, so in 100% honesty all I am hoping for is continued support to the existing title. Foremost, a means to bring justice to cheaters . Boosters, 10th prestige hackers... these guys need a stat...
  • Forum Post: Emergency Airdrop glitching??!

    In several games lately I've noticed the other team getting numerous emergency airdrops, one after another. Has anyone else noticed this? If this is a glitch and people are using it, it obviously needs to be adressed by IW immediately. What are your thoughts?
  • Forum Post: What's Prestige?

    Can someone explain what this is to me?
  • Forum Post: COD PS3 GAME NIGHT 2!!!!!

    PS3Altair here. Before i continue please note this may not happen for a month or two... right now at this stage i would like to ask for feedback on how this can be better than the first, and would like to find out when we can get a maxamine amount of players to join. Also, should this be COD modern Warfare...
  • Forum Post: FOR PS3 GAMERS ONLY!!!! COD GameInformer Unofficial Game Night

    Hello, Ps3Altair here. I would like to announce a unofficial Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2Game Night for members of the GI community i will be hosting. Just so you know before you make any decisions, this is likely to be cancelled at anytime, which if it is i will alert you on this thread. i will start...
  • Forum Post: MW2 (Xbox) stat tracking like Halo games?

    I think MW2 beats Halo 3 easy, but one feature I like of Halo 3 is that tracks your stats and game history, and lets you save game video, etc. Does MW2 do anything like that? I'm off to the MW2 site to explore, but any input you have would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Forum Post: Favorite Weapons Modern Warfare 2

    1 - The ACR is my current tool of choice. Headshots are all I aim for, so sustainable accuracy is a lot more important than raw power - and nothing beats the ACR on that front. It also has very usable iron sights, so going with a silencer alone is not a bad option. 2 - The UMP is by far my most used...
  • Forum Post: Re: Call me old-fashioned

    I will call you old fashioned, as It's not anything new for a percentage of players to feel left in the cold when a sequel to their favorite game releases. It's obvious you had a very good and unique experience with the original MW... "My mind was blown in the first opening levels. I was...
  • Forum Post: MW2 Prestige discussion - Revisted

    Original post made on 12/20/09, 40 days after release I wanted to open up this thread to get a feeling of what the community here feels about the whole prestige mode aspect of CoD, particularly with MW2. I'd like to share my opinion on the subject to get things started... To prestige or not was never...
  • Forum Post: EPIC MW2 online multiplayer moments

    This thread has been created to discuss any moments of pure awesome you have had in Modern Warfare 2 online multiplayer. (funny/weird kills can go in the thread "Weird MW2 happenings.") I'll start it off. One match, I was playing Domination on the Ground War playlist in Terminal, and using...
  • Forum Post: Things that just piss you off in MW2 online multiplayer

    Im not saying online multiplayer isnt fun, but some times people or bad connections just when u get a killstreak can get on ur nerves.
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