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You like shooters because you like the sense of power they give you. Few games are as skilled at making you feel like a competent warrior as Infinity Ward's Call of Duty series. Every bullet has a story. Take a moment and tell us a few of yours.

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  • Forum Post: Throwing Knife and Tomahawk

    Any skilled knife assassins out there? If so Post clips and montages of your beautiful scalper and bullseye kills.
  • Forum Post: Re: Thoughts on MW3 maps ...

    I don't like any of the maps. First, I don't like how all the maps are destroyed and a battlefield. second, why do they even have snipers, you can't snipe from anywhere. they are not even near how good mw2 and black ops maps
  • Forum Post: Please stop.

    So one of the greatest annoyances with winning and wnning by a big margin is hearing the other team gripe about how you camped/noob tubed that whole game. Even if you didn't do either the whole match. I've only had one team just man up and say hey great game! Which is what everyone should do...
  • Forum Post: favorite secondary weopon on modern warfare 2

    secondary weopons are usually left alone most of the time but if you use them wisely..... what are your faves???
  • Forum Post: If you could shoot any gun from Call of Duty...

    If you could take one gun to the shooting range from any Call of Duty game, which gun would you take? I would take the Intervention from MW2. Definitely my favorite gun to use in any of the CoD games!
  • Forum Post: Call of Duty PS3 Clan UnDead

    I just wanted to know if anyone was interested in joining my Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Clan UnDead. I'll accept you regardless of your skill level as long as you do not do the following: -Noobtube (Use a Grenade Launcher) -Camp -Glitch -10th Prestige Hack I prefer everyone to have microphones...
  • Forum Post: GUNITs at it again....

    well he posted another video today : worlds fastest nuke with only knifes and no killstreaks. he gets into a map on terminal, everyone is using a sniper. they all seem to forget that he's camping in the shop after he kills them, they run back time and time again, someone even jumps on top of him...
  • Forum Post: World's Fastest Nuke!!!

    check this out on youtube........ Yes, its amazing. Please check this out!!!! (Copy and paste URL into browser)
  • Forum Post: Ideas for new Killstreaks

    Here is just a simple forum to describe any Ideas for new killstreaks and How many kills that you think they should be to earn
  • Forum Post: Emergency Airdrop glitching??!

    In several games lately I've noticed the other team getting numerous emergency airdrops, one after another. Has anyone else noticed this? If this is a glitch and people are using it, it obviously needs to be adressed by IW immediately. What are your thoughts?
  • Forum Post: COD PS3 GAME NIGHT 2!!!!!

    PS3Altair here. Before i continue please note this may not happen for a month or two... right now at this stage i would like to ask for feedback on how this can be better than the first, and would like to find out when we can get a maxamine amount of players to join. Also, should this be COD modern Warfare...
  • Forum Post: FOR PS3 GAMERS ONLY!!!! COD GameInformer Unofficial Game Night

    Hello, Ps3Altair here. I would like to announce a unofficial Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2Game Night for members of the GI community i will be hosting. Just so you know before you make any decisions, this is likely to be cancelled at anytime, which if it is i will alert you on this thread. i will start...
  • Forum Post: Does anyone think there will be Modern Warfare 2 DLC/Map Packs?

    COD5 and COD4 had extra map packs. But with MW2 you get over 10 maps, straight out of the box! Treyarch is know for creating extensions, (3 $10 Map Packs in COD5), but Infinity Ward, notsomuch. Does anyone think this is possible in the near future?
  • Forum Post: EPIC MW2 online multiplayer moments

    This thread has been created to discuss any moments of pure awesome you have had in Modern Warfare 2 online multiplayer. (funny/weird kills can go in the thread "Weird MW2 happenings.") I'll start it off. One match, I was playing Domination on the Ground War playlist in Terminal, and using...
  • Forum Post: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare on PSP?

    Huh? That would be cool I think. And they could actually port the Wii version onto PSP pretty much. The Wii graphics, if put on a PSP system actually look good for a handheld. There would need to be adjustment to controls i know, but the original Modern Warfare on the GO(and maybe even Modern Warfare...
  • Forum Post: Weird MW2 happenings

    This thread has been created to discuss weirds/odds/lols in Modern Warfare 2. I'll start it out with this: During a Team deathmatch, I was grabbing a care package, when another care package fell on me and killed me. I LOLED. Anything weird/odd/uloled happen to you?
  • Forum Post: Help for a noob?

    Just got MW2, played a few matches, got pwned, finally past lv. 4. I'm OK now, but any of you could probably demolish me, still. Any tips for a noob? EDIT: FYI, I do have FPS experience, having played Halo 3 for some time.
  • Forum Post: MW2 was lead sponsor of the 11/4 "South Park" which centered on a certain F-word: aborted placement for the "Grenade Spam" clip or pure coincidence? Discuss.

    As an avid gamer and South Park viewer (which is what, 98% of you?), I noticed that the lead sponsor of each new episode this season has been a prominent game title -- ex. Tekken 6, Brütal Legend, Uncharted 2, etc. And after the intro of the show, an extended game trailer/commercial will play. With...
  • Forum Post: Who pre-ordered?

    Who pre-ordered the game? I thought it was going to be so cool I pre-ordered the prestige edition. Can't wait for the 10th or midnight launch!
  • Forum Post: Epic Moments

    What, from the trailers and released information, are you most looking forward to playing in MW2. I am looking forward to finding out how the terrorists got into Washngton D.C. and the White House.
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