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MW3 Discussion: General thoughts, speculation and wish lists

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  • We've had a couple threads get started on MW3 already that I think are a bit too... sloppy. Hopefully this thread will be the hub for further discussion.

    I've got some stuff to say on the previously broached topics of weapons and killstreaks, but will post that tomorrow.

  • I would love a longer single player story. And a cover system would be great too.




  • I longer single player is always great in any game.  What is a cover System?


  • I hope there is a spec ops like there was in MW2.


  • The ability to hide and peek around cover.




  • I've got a lot to say on a few topics, so sit back and get comfortable... there is one thing in particular I would like to hear everyones opinion on, my idea for the Tactical Supply Drop killstreak. It's a long description that seems complicated, but once you're done reading it it should all make sense.


    As is customary, and pretty much unavoidable, I will be using previous entries (MW2 and Black Ops) as reference points for much of my discussion.


    On Weapons

    One of the major differences between MW2 and Black Ops is the different role of the secondary weapon. In MW2 the secondary were just as capable as most primary... SPAS, PP200, Akimbo Glock... forget about it. It made for a very empowering experience, but honestly it destroys the balance of class creation. I hope to see secondary follow suit with Black Ops, being comprised mostly of sidearm pistols meant to be used in emergency situations only, with a sprinkling of support role weapons (AA launchers, offensive explosives with long equip/reload times to counter exploitation).

    What weapons would I like to see?: I bunch but I've managed to narrow it down to just two per weapon class (with a few throwback weapons in parentheses)

    Assault rifle: LWRC M6A4, Barrett REC7 (SIG SG553 and G36A2)
    LMG: FN M249 Mk 48, AEK999
    Sniper rifle: Remington XM2010, 6.5 Grendel (HK MSG90)

    Pistol: FN Five-seveN, Taurus Raging Bull 444

    Attachments?: I'll cover these on another date.

    Unlocking alternate weapons: After getting 2500 kills with a weapon in a single prestige for example... you unlock the option to use something that handles identical to the weapon already in game (recoil, reload time, damage, the whole spectrum) but has unique visuals and sounds. For example you could alternate your Mini-Uzi for a MAC-10 or the TAR-21 for an XM8. This brings more weapons into the mix, without having to worry about balancing - and serves as a milestone achievement for the increasingly hard to please hardcore players.

    On Equipment

    I am obviously more partial to many of the balancing choices made for Black Ops, including the separation of grenades and claymores (creating the dedicated equipment slot). I believe items of this nature should definitely not be resupplied by Scavenger (and the removal of One Many Army is a given - more on that later) However, I do miss being able to toss C4 with a single press so I would like to see C4 moved over to Lethal.

    Anything new or removed?: More on this at another date.

    On Killstreaks

    Again Black Ops gets my vote in that I hope kills earned with streaks will not count towards your next killstreak. With that said, I do actually hope to see the Tactical Nuke return if everything related to supply management is balanced (meaning no One Man Army and Scavenger will not resupply claymores) and more importantly, a built in booster detection system is implemented (complete with integrated banning).

    M32 MGL - 5 Kills (Found in Care Package): A single use special weapon found only through care packages like Death Machine and Grim Reaper. Comes loaded with 6 rounds, has no reserve ammo, a fire rate of 2 shots per second and has slightly higher odds (4%) to spawn than DM (2%) or GR (3%). Primary and secondary weapons are locked out once the MGL is equipped and cannot be stowed; MGL must be emptied or purged (dropped by holding weapon switch button). Cannot be picked up by other players if purged, but can be picked up if the user is killed (excluding death through friendly fire).


    Tactical Supply Drop - 9 Kills: Called in via smoke marker, the TSD is airdropped from a C-130J (same deployment time as an emergency airdrop) and deploys a parachute shortly after beginning freefall. This safe but slower (50% fall speed) descent means both friendly and enemy units will know where to converge to intercept this highly useful streak. Once on the ground players can interact with the TSD for a full resupply like an ammo crate, with the added bonus of weapon modification.

    Interaction allows you to remove any attachments you may already have on your weapon and replace them with your choice of several preset attachment options, regardless of if you have them unlocked in your armory. Base modifications apply two attachments, however if your class has the Bling perk you will have access to advanced three attachment mods.

    Examples: Your class has the Vector with a Red Dot sight as the primary weapon. You interact with the TSD and choose the "Wraith Mod" which converts your Vector to use Silencer and Rapid Fire.

    Your class has Bling and the SCAR with an ACOG sight and Extended Mags as the primary weapon. You interact with the TSD and choose the advanced "Colossus Mod" which converts your Scar to use Grenade Launcher, FMJ and Extended Mags.

    Modifications available per weapon are non-customizable, and kept as straight forward as possible. I am imagining something like 3 different basic mods and a single advanced mod per weapon - this was when interacting you can just hit a direction on the D-pad or a face button and be done with it, rather than picking your own choices from a menu.

    Limitations: Scavenged weapons can be modified as well, however the mods you are able to apply to them are based upon if your currently selected class has Bling or not, even if the scavenged weapon may already have 3 attachments.

    The TSD lasts a total of 4 minutes after hitting the ground and can be used a total of 12 times; any player on either team can interact as many times as they wish (enemy interactions take 50% longer), but must wait 30 seconds between uses, regardless of death. Resupplies take 2 full seconds of interaction, whereas weapon modifications take 5 seconds total - but do not require you to stand still during the final 3 seconds.

    Destruction: Besides having the 12 uses exhausted or the 4 minute timer expire the TSD can also be destroyed through two means...

    1) The player who called in the streak can activate a self-destruct via remote device at any time. Once activated it cannot be stopped. TSD emits a Hollywood-style "explosion imminent" beep for 2 seconds then explodes with a magnitude identical to that of an objective explosion. This is meant to be used in cases of spawn switches or just for showing off.

    2) The enemy team can sabotage the TSD with an interaction initiated explosion, planted just as objective explosives are in Demolition, Sabotage or Search and Destroy. 5 second fuse, cannot be defused. No warning tone, and explosive radius is very small (only lethal if in mid-interaction) - merely designed to disable TSD, not take lives.



    On Perks

    This is probably starting to sound old by now, but the winner by a mile is Black Ops. The general retooling and balancing of perks was masterfully done, and the appearance dictating Tier 1 perks are genius. I'll have to come back to this at a later date in more detail, more relative to Black Ops style perks, but for now he's a paste from an older post I made before Black Ops details were released - so it's all about MW2 rebalanced perks.

    Commando retooled: Changes the primary effect from added melee range to "enables a follow up knife attack". After your initial melee (slash in forward arc), you can choose to melee again (stab in forward arc of opposite direction). However if you utilize this quick follow up attack, you will be locked out from doing any melee for an extended period - if the default melee cooldown is 1 second than perhaps 2.5 seconds or so.

    Scrambler retooled: Nothing is quite as useless as a perk that broadcasts your position. Rather than static to enemy radar, forcing false signals would work a lot nicer - similar to the effect on your radar in Halo Reach when a camouflaged enemy is near. This would not only make it more difficult for enemies to pinpoint which direction the jammer is coming from, but also makes it a viable more sabotage tool; considering radar can still be seen through most intensities of scrambler static.




    I guess that's all I've got for today. I'm sure I'll be back with some bumps to this info in the coming months before release.



  • First MW3 Trailer w/gameplay footage is up::

    General thoughts on it:

    -Game seems to be centered around the advent of WWIII.

    -A couple glimpses can be seen of the new, slightly more destructible environments toward the end of the video.

    -Graphics not a major step up from MW2.

    I will get down speculation on details later.

  • To tell you the truth, it looks exactly like MW2. Even the running animations look the same.

    Not to start a Battlefield vs. Call of Duty fanboy war, but at least DICE upgraded everything for BF3. Including animations.

  • Hey Ted, what are you doing?

    Working on a new helicopter model.

    Why? We already have one.

    Oh you know, people demand change.

    Huh... whatever you say. I would suggest working on stuff like, you know... fixing the glitches reported by QA, maybe some level design, implementing the new features or optimizing network code...

    Are you sure we can do that? The entitled American way demands new things all the time, especially when the original works perfectly.

    Oh that reminds me, I need to trade in my lease vehicle.

  • I only pray it'll have a multiplayer beta. We saw what happened last time...

  • In fairness "last time" would now be considered Black Ops, which has had no multiplayer problems (due to the 5000+ person internal testing).

    The whole "3arc v IW" pissing contest that loyalists are engaging in is null at this point. It's obvious the franchise is being streamlined to operate as similarly as possible on the core mechanics side. The games are Call of Duty before they're "an Infinity Ward production" or anyone else... if you ask me.

  • Yarg, I didn't try to imply any of that, just being my slightly absent-minded self.

  • I still play quite a lot of MW2 but MW3 has not shown anything that would pique my interest, albeit its only one trailer (I don't think any game had me more anticipated about their game than MW2's trailers).

    Otherwise I'm predicting MW3 will have a metacritic average around 80-85, selling very well but not breaking any records.

    I think the casual crowd is still playing both MW2 and BlOPS let alone getting MW3...and sadly MW1 is pretty much dead since no one has bothered to patch all the hackers on it (its SOCOM II all over again, sigh).

    Acitivsion will most likely not see a significant dip in sales this year, but I think things may change for 2012 and onward.


  • Thank you for editing out "BF3 is just as milked as CoD."

  • It's true but out of context from what I was talking about, so I took it out.

    Battlefield release timeline:

    2011 Battlefield 3

    2011 Battlefield Play4Free

    2010 Battlefield Online

    2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam

    2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    2009 Battlefield: 1943

    2009 Battlefield: Heroes

    2008 Battlefield: Bad Company

    2007 Battlefield: 2142: Northern Strike

    2006 Battlefield: 2142

    2006 Battlefield 2: Armored Fury

    2006 Battlefield 2: Euro Forces

    2005 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

    2005 Battlefield 2: Special Forces

    2005 Battlefield 2

    2004 Battlefield: Vietnam

    2003 Battlefield: 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII

    2003 Battlefield: 1942: The Road to Rome

    2002 Battlefield: 1942

    2000 Codename Eagle

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