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What New/Old features would you like to see in the upcoming Black ops 2?

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    I know that it is kind of early to be talking about this but it couldn't hurt seeing all of your opinions.

    One old feature I would like to see returned is the ability to create your own emblem, I realy liked it  there were a lot of tallented people out there some not so much.

    Another feature that I would like see returned is the money system, this feature was cool you didn't have to level up your gun to get an attachment you could of just bought whatever one you wanted and perks also.

    Another feature that I would like to see ruturned is the ability to change the color of the sight  (maybe add different sight shapes and colors).

    On to the new features:   

    One feature I would like to see in Black Ops 2 is the ability to create your own camo, like mixing colors and patters togethere to create a camo even the modern day soldire would love to have it. If they don't have this feature I would like to see mabe a Chrome or even a Platinum camo, this would be sweet.

    Another feature I would like to see in Black oOs 2 is the ability to Customize your guns, like swaping out stocks for different ones, changing the rails out, changing the iron sites out, adding bipods (ones you can actually use and are not just for show), Changing the barrels, picking what flash hider you want, and compensators, picking what scopes you want and finaly the color of your ACOG sites ( I really wished that they had this in the first one the ACOG sights were too dark).

  • Yeah, all of your suggestions are great. I miss getting to make my own playercard emblem, it was cool to see some creative and awesome emblems. In addition, I'd love to see some new game modes. One I came up with would be "Invasion." And also an extended number of players in games. Oh yeah, new killstreaks...annd..i think im done.


  • I'm not going to allow myself to get swept into a wish-list thought process right now (most of my old MW3 wishlist could still be used for reference anyway, heh), but I will say I am looking forward to another Black Ops in general. I hadn't noticed until several weeks into MW3 that the fun factor of BO is just so much higher, on account of... well, several things. *sighs* And I realize this is going to sound like little more than scorned fan venting, but it is what it is...

    Foremost, connection ("netcode") was much more steady, no ridiculous lag compensation making it bad for literally everyone, regardless of connection speed. The structuring of the challenges and unlocking was obviously a lot less pressure, use CP to buy what you want and be done with it, (no frustrating runs with the masterkey or thermal just for the XP bonus). Despite the relatively low number of kills needed for streaks, the absence of stacking killstreaks as well as persisting point streaks... that sounded like a great idea before it went live for a "support" player, but even slayers run support streaks.

    But who knows, perhaps BO2 will be forced into following this template to some degree... I have to do my best to remain optimistic :|

  • I agree the connection was much better even when it showed a 3 or even a 2 bar it still played like you had good connection and the spawns were much better because of the no payback *** which I think is stupid why should you get a chance to kill someone that just killed you its ridiculous. The kill streaks were also much more fun to use like getting to pilot a chopper and being the gunner of a huey hell yea and lets not forget about the dogs baby, on this it just wow I got another preditor missile or chopper. I'll give them credit for the uniqe kill streaks like the assault drone or IMS I wish they had the Assault drone in black ops instead of the RC car. I agree with the support kill streaks, I hope that black ops has the specialist package stuff all the perks is cool and on black ops I think that is will be even better there perks were much better and they gave you better and more things when you got them to pro, MW3 its like they didn't even try like Extream Conditioning pro is a joke wow your able to climb over stuff faster who needs this were not playing parkour.  

  • I agree with the Three Attachments, I would have Extended mags, Red Dot, Silencer. In real life they put everything on there guns, Red Dots, Silencers, Compensators, Flash hiders, Tac lights. Before the release of MW3 RB said that they were going to have 2 attachments as a default and with the attachment proficientcy you could have 3 and also he said that you could camo your secondaries, but I guess that those ideas were scrapd at the las minute before the games release, but were they left off Black ops could easily pick up.

  • I'd like to see some new Perks added. Also in multiplayer maps I'd love to be able to open doors, that'd be insanely cool and there'd be like little things inside that can be only used once that'd help you out. For example there'd be like, one spy plane in one room or whatever. I dunno just throwing stuff out

    I'd like more weapon customization and uniform customization too. Add a lot more multiplayer maps and improve Zombies. Make it like, 3 or 4 hits and you're dead, not 2 which is just ridiculous. And a new game engine please!

  • I heard Somewhere that they were creating a new game engine for Black ops 2 and also the Elite 2.0 for it as well which sould already bee in affect. Elite now is just BS no clan ops anymore the lone wolf stuff is for boosters and are just a waist of time because IW don't check for them even though they say they do.

    Treyarch-Black Ops All The Way!!!

  • I heard Somewhere that they were creating a new game engine for Black ops 2 and also the Elite 2.0 for it as well which sould already bee in affect. Elite now is just BS no clan ops anymore the lone wolf stuff is for boosters and are just a waist of time because IW don't check for them even though they say they do.

    Treyarch-Black Ops All The Way!!!

  • I want more Wager matche types for the next Black ops with the other 4 matches coming back. I had an idea of having a type where you could bet CoD points to see who would get the first killstreak rewardof the game. Of course the amount of kills for a killstreak would be higher than usual ( like for a UAV instead of 3 kills it would go up to 4 or 5).

    I would also like to see Zombie mode to return. That was my favorite thing about Black Ops. Maybe put in some challenges in Zombies and they could act like your rank in Zombies.


    I haven't been able to play any Cod game online since my PS3 isn't connected to the internet anymore and I barely have access to the internet anymore, but what is Elite 2.0? Has elite been redesigned or what?

  • No its just what there converting it to for black ops 2 which is suppose to have more features and run more smoothly, but with this in mind is sounds like Elite was a beta on a beta that you had to pay to try though. Lets just hope they have there *** in order when BO 2 comes out no slip ups and delays. Also I hope they get rid of this map a month ***, just give me a pack like in BO every 2 to three months you got a pack of 4 maps it was better that way you always had something to play and never go bored. With the set up they have know all you can think of is when the next map comes out and after a wile the map becomes dull. They need to have something like this on there Website so they can get feed back on what people want and don't want, go off of what people like and don't like about the elite before it is too late and you end up with a game like MW3, but I have faith in treyarch they know what they are doing IW did not and that was there down fall from the beginning.

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