Prizonerz Of War



 Who are we?

We are a PS3 mature competitive gaming Clan. We focus on team work,communication and a continuing effort to improve ourselves and our Clan. We focus on game modes that are objective based (CTF, Hardpoint, DOM, HQ, and Demolition). We are not a Clan that focuses on great numbers but sheer quality of the membership.

We mainly game at nights (Eastern).


Who are we looking for? 

Applicants must be at least 17 and older! Looking for gamers who like to have fun and kick * while doing it. Players willing to use tactics and practice drills. Players that have and use a mic and willing to use good verbal communication skills, and must be fluent in English. We strive in finding those gamers that excell in communication, ability and team work.

We are looking for those front line, team oriented, objective taking gamers. KDR is NOT a standard we judge on (We prefer it that you have at least a 1.00 K/D), we look for good players able to handle themselves on the front line, dedication and there strive to better themselves. Applicants must be able to game nights and always use a mic.

We do not put up with people who care so much about their K/D that they are not willing to help you out because they're afraid of getting killed. We want people that are about the Win, and will help you out when you are taking a point, or planting a bomb.


What do we have to offer you? The oppurtunity to game with like minded individuals willing to improve thier online gaming experience. We can assure you this is the last Clan you will ever look for! 


If you would like to join just message me on PSN: Pvt_Forest_Gump and we'll put you under a five day evaluation period and in those five days you got to be playing with us as much as possible. After those 5 days or sooner we will give you the final word based on your performance. So if your a person who wants to win and don't want to put up with all the noobs on your team not working together, then this is the clan for you. We are always welcoming new members and are looking forward to the release of Ghosts.