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Black Ops 2 so far?

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  • With the release of the trailer and some photos I want to see what you guys think so far? What do you expect to see in the campaign and multiplayer when Black Ops 2 launches the 13th of November? What do you expect to see as for Elite and there intergration into Balck Ops 2? Also, What types of DLC do you expect to see in Black Ops 2.

  • I wonder what the Horseback rider was all about? And i'm glad that Woods is back. That was Woods, right?

  • I think that is his son and the old fart is woods him self. Yea I was woondering that my self, it's one of the flash backs woods has to the 80s. I wonder if you get to use some guns from that period? The lady with the winchester on the back of the poster, when I saw that I thought that they might incorporate the winchester in the multiplayer. It wouldn't be the first time they incorporated old guns into the multiplayer like the Rangers and 1887s, I think that this would be cool to put in a lever action rifle not as a shotgun for a change even though it is set in 2025 but who cares. Bet you a lot of people would use it still either way.

  • I think the flashback on horses is party of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, it would have had the same/similar amount of US intervention as the USSR in 'Nam. Also on Woods WHAT THE *** he tackled a guy covered in grenades blew up and is alive,  SRSLY TREYARCH WHAT THE EFFF?

  • That cool, yea I don't know about the woods thing, but I could care less I just want to play it.

  • Sgt Buzzob:
    Also on Woods WHAT THE *** he tackled a guy covered in grenades blew up and is alive,  SRSLY TREYARCH WHAT THE EFFF?

    Woods had PHD Flopper on :P

    As for the game itself, I remain hopeful that Treyarch might actually breath new life into the CoD campaign. I look forward to a story trailer with brand new footage showcasing some of the missions. I hope they explain how Woods actually survived and what happened to the other characters in Black ops. I could care less about Elite as I have no interest in it.

    I am also curious about how they might handle zombies. I know they will still keep the normal horde mode but that they might even have different modes in Zombies has me really excited. I hope they don't have a Zombie campaign as it would destroy all the mystery around the Zombie's story line.

    As for Multiplayer, I hope for good maps. That is all.

  • I didn't really enjoy black ops I that much, the campaign was the only thing i really liked.

    The only way I'm getting Black Ops II is if the multiplayer maps are good.  I am pretty good at MW3 but the maps just turn me off a lot.  If MW3 brings back good maps from previous entries than I will completely skip Blops II.

  • We might have to find out at E3 to know for sure. Chances are they'll just do the campaign like they did with MW3 last year, but this is Treyarch they might do both.

  • I think this may be the best COD yet (Yes, better than COD4) Why? First off, its Treyarch. Second, I think a futuristic setting is going to give us way more new things to play with in the game. Its a breath of fresh air, and is nothing that any COD game has quite done before.

    The branching storyline fascinates me off the bat. I have a few things though that I hope for:

    PLEASE don't make Zombies like the WaW Zombies, those maps are way too maze-like and annoying (except for Shi No Numa) Make the map design more like Black Ops. Let their be 6 players instead of 4, make some more big maps, and make the zombies smarter, but don't boost their health.

    Multiplayer wise, I loved the more vertical, tactical maps that Black Ops had. Please keep most of them that way, but add some more Domination-based maps. And please give us some fictional weapons, that'd be totally ***.

  • Warm(Or) Puke:

     And please give us some fictional weapons, that'd be totally ***.

    Fictional weapons would be stupid then it would be just like any other sci-fi shooter. They need to make the guns real so it appeals to all of the COD fans. If they go and get some fake stuff then they will lose a lot of people along the way and if you look at the pics the guns are real.

    In the photo it apears he has a Mp7 of some kind so this gives us a hint that the guns are going to be real just mabe some updated looks. Now the tech is fictional at the moment, but we are advancing in the world of robotics thats why this war is plausible. We might see some fictional tactical grenades and lethal grenade types but thats fine it dosen't take away from the entire feel of the game.   

  • Pvt_Forest_Gump:

    Where did you get that image? Is it real?

  • I just searched Black Ops 2 multiplayer, I don't know if it is real or not because they haven't realesed any footige of the multiplayer yet. It seems legit, but untill they give us some game play of the multiplayer we can only speculate. 

    here are a few more:

  • Oh sorry that one at the bottom looks like a futuristic Enfield from BO 1

  • That last one is Bulletstorm, different game x.x

  • The game looks that it'll rock. I hope that there aren't going to be many cut scenes. I would like to see how the zombie mode would look like.

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