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You like shooters because you like the sense of power they give you. Few games are as skilled at making you feel like a competent warrior as Infinity Ward's Call of Duty series. Every bullet has a story. Take a moment and tell us a few of yours.

Pro's and Con's of call of duty

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  • What do you guys think the Pro's and Con's of the Call of duty franchise is?


  • Interesting question.

    Pros, pretty much everything in the game is at least good, if not okay. The only really bad things I'd say that the franchise has trouble with, is making good spawns.

    Cons...Some of the maps in the games can be pretty bad. What were they thinking when they made Downturn? And sometimes I wish they'd finally make a new game engine. I feel MW3 was the last COD that could get away with using the same game engine.

  • I'd say the pros are: fast, addictive gameplay; deep weapon customization; campaign's are always explosive; there is always something to keep you coming back.

    The cons are: map design is a bit iffy; weapons can be overpowered; not as much of a focus on realism as I'd like; the fact that liking a CoD game is seen by others as a mortal sin.

    I love Call of Duty. But, it's time for a big update.

  • Pros: weapons; always somithing new, campaigns for sure (MW3 was kind of dull though), adding somthing that realy catches your eye (Elite, DLC, Emblem Creator), Multiplayer.

    Cons: maps; not realy innovative, and laking realism. SPAWNS; been a problem in most COD games but I think the worst has to be MW3. Same game engine; can be good, don't wont to mess with a good thing, but its getting old now we won't to see somthing new ("Destructible Environments"). Lack of authority; big problem in the new COD games, they really need to step in and stop the boosting, cheating, and hacking it ruins the enjoyment for all the ligit players. Lack of respons to the fans; listen to the fans they now what is good and what is not, what needs fixed and what dosen't. I feel that they blatantly change stuff without consulting the actual player and that is why they have the problems they do (under powered weapons, over powered weapons, SPAWNS...ect).

    A new game engine is rumored for black ops 2 and is suppose to be the last COD on the PS3 and XBox so, LETS GO OUT WITH A BANG!

  • I agree with everything that you said about the pros/cons of COD. Especially, the part about MW3 being stale n dull, couldn't agree with u  more. Just saying!

    I'm a gamer; a lover of music!

  • The reason why i asked is because im mostly a Battlefield fan and wanted to see if Call of Duty players agreed with my views. All of you share at least one thing that I think about Call of Duty. Thank you for answering and im not hating on Call of duty, I personally want to be able to play both but most of the time in the time that i have played mw3, i have been royally P.O.

  • That was probably easy to see considering my profile picture is Bf3 haha

  • Yea, if that is your only COD game you have played than you have a right to me mad, I am a die hard COD fan and I think this game is garbage. If your wanting to play COD try BO first it is by far the better COD in the series. I found my self having way more fun in this than I have ever had in MW3, and if you like it try and get Black Ops 2 coming out in November.

  • I like Battlefield, but Call of Duty just has a different feel, a different style, and to me, some of that seemed lost in Mw3.

  • @ Aragon

    I agree with you, but I think the negative feeling comes from the mw3 maps.  They are all so cluttered it really limits everyones playstyle, which in turn just gives the game a different style.

    Pros:  I generally like some of the new mechanics in mw3 but they should have gone outside the box a little bit more with their ideas.  I wan't deathstreaks gone but they don't bother me nearly as much as it does with most.  And I do like the killstreak set-up,  I use assault (pred, heli, reap) but specialist & support really add to the game.

    Cons:  Worst maps in CoD history in my honest opinion; Lagcomp (I never get host but you can REALLY tell right away when you do); Spawns, especially this whole "revenge spawn" (I believe this is due to maps aswell); Elite being sub-par, the fact that the stat tracker in game sucks and gives unimportant stats.

    Hell I am still not signed up and the problem lies w/ them.  long story short my email deleted the verification email and they won't send another or let me change emails;

  • Damn, well with the release of Black Ops 2 lets hope that Elite is better and more on the ball than just checking stuff here and there not giving a crap! I expect clan ops on week one or what ever they plan to do for the clans, and not leave us out, then introduce it like 4 or 5 months after launch like MW3. I have faith in Treyarch and I know they wont let us down.  DO NOT DO THIS ONE MAP PER MONTH ***! MAP PACKS EVERY 2 to 3 MONTHS WAS BETTER! I get tired of hearing IW brag about there map packs "oh this is the biggest content pack in history" bull ***, wow you have 4 maps the same as any other map pack in COD, you only added 2 spec op missions. Black ops had 4 maps and a zombie mode which provided a lot more playing time than your stupid spec op missions.

  • Pros: Addictive action-packed gameplay, large spectacle and set pieces that are impressive and shun most of its competitors. Usually a satisfying campaign, as well as multiplayer with impressive replay value and longevity. The graphics are top of the line, and the scores are also something I enjoy listening to.

    Cons: Follow. That and the overly linear gameplay, which kind of detracts from the strategy. I remember that I was playing a couple levels in 3 and I actually thought of quite a few opportunities to liven up the gameplay with more strategy that I couldn't implement. It was rather sad. I'm also incredibly bored with the whole Russian/Middle Eastern enemy theme they've been recycling. I'd like more diverse and developed characters, especially in terms of those we're playing as. I think Treyarch is slowly beginning to steal IW's thunder in that department. Hopefully IW will take note.

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