Description: ZCT_Mod has undergone a complete overhaul, the entire personality system has been rewritten.

Now with
- 9 Personalities ( Weak, Normal, Strong, Distortion, Stalker, Phaze Shifters, Teleporters, Field Effect And Teleporting Phaze Shifters )

- 10 Perks ( Sleight of Hand, Doubletap, Increased Melee Damage, Increased Bullet Damage, Increased Endurance, Quick Revive/Second Chance, Fast Rebuild, Self Defence, Ammo Regeneration, Armour Regeneration )

- Armour system implemented ( No more juggernaut, you start with 100 Health/100 Armour just like the good old days and Armour Regen replaces Jugger perk but at a more reasonable rate )

- Modern Weapons ( Courtesy of Way2Evil )

There is more, but I really can't remember ( or just don't want to say   :-X )

Installation Instructions
Copy the IWD and Mod.FF into any prototype based map that has a mod.ff of < 1Kb.

Make sure any other mods ( ZCT_Mod, TD, Gamblers Ruin or Modern Weapons ) are not in that folder.

To run the mod on it's own, copy the entire folder into your mods folder.

Known Issue
Players seem highly reflective, please turn off specular ( in console, r_specular 0 ) this will get rid of the wet look.


DOWNLOAD HERE:;sa=view;down=852