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Comparing Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 all together?

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  • OKay, so what do you think are all of the pros and cons of the past 3 CODs? This includes MW2, MW3 and Black Ops. I'll give you my list.


    MW3 Pros: Awesome map layouts. Amazing weapon balance. Good killstreak balance and perk balance, and Survival mode is incredible, plus the single player was amazing

    MW3 cons: Very anti Sniper friendly maps. This is okay for me cause I rarely snipe, but still. Not enough secondaries in my opinion, and the maps may have good load outs but they aren't quite as memorable as the MW2 maps. Plus the Spec Op missions are not as good as MW2s




    MW2 Pros: Memorable maps. The graphics are so shiny and brightly colored, I love looking at them.ANd better Spec Ops missions

    MW2 cons: Way over powered killstreaks. Maps usually seemed to have more of a FFA feel, and didn't seem to require as much tactics as the maps for MW3 and especially Black Ops. LMGs were over powered, and Snipers were if anything under powered. Horrible balancing over all.



    Black Ops Pros: Maps required more tactics than MW maps. Gun balance was good. A lot of weapon variety and map variety, which made things interesting. Great single player that almost played like a movie.

    Black Ops cons: Worst killstreaks in a COD yet. Graphics seemed just a little too grainy and dirty. The movement didn't seem as loose as MW2 or MW3s.



    So what are yours?


  • Whoa whoa whoa... You're saying the LMGs were overpowered and the Snipers were underpowered in MW2?
    Did you ever try using the M249? Did you never get shot once by the SoH-enhanced quickscopers? Did you just accidentally mistype that?


    MW2 Pros- Solid hit detection, (for the most part) a good leveling and unlock system, interesting and fun maps, (again, for the most part) and the ability to, if skilled enough, do well with almost every weapon.

    MW2 Cons- Badly balanced perks, killstreaks, deathstreaks, and attachments. Who could forget Danger Close-enhanced noob tubes, Commando Lunges, Final Stand/Second Chance, [side note--when will they get rid of this perk?], Painkiller, One Man Army, and Nukes?

  • I don't understand the general complaining about MW3 maps, so I'm glad to see at least someone else recognize that they are indeed just as good if not better (neither too big or small, as always most every vantage point has a weakness and every defensible position has multiple entries) than previous iterations. The whole "not sniper friendly" thing again confuses me... there are vantage points galore, all sorts of long lines of sight... what more do people want exactly?

    The spec ops missions being better or worse is obviously personal preference. I had an amazing time with the missions from both games, with favorites and some less than enjoyable experiences on both games. (On that note, Juggernaut missions... so amazingly awesome)

    MW2 balancing was left largely unattended to, so yes it was exploited to the full extent. waddledee mentions all the main offenders in his cons. (Edit: Also, regarding LMG being over-powered... you know the RPD is insane. It's an ACR with a 100 round magazine and higher damage FFS)

    I still LOVE Black Ops. The attention to weapon and perk balance in that game made me smile, and it having a full featured theater mode is a beautiful thing. The only thing hampering this title from being my runaway favorite is the netcode just doesn't equalize very well, but to their credit they didn't screw with the formula - host has their huge advantage and by and large the rest of the lobby will be treated fairly - if you're on a 5+MB upload, you'll feel it. If you're not, like I am not, you're constantly being hosed out of a good .75 or more of reaction time.

    MW2 is an amazing title when tooled for competitive play. Movement and hit detection are the best of any entry hands down. Sadly, the game may as well be World at War to me at this point - meaning with as unbalanced and constantly exploited as it is, there may as well be modders with invulnerability, no-clip and all weapons running around.

    MW3 is still finding itself in terms of balance and the tweaks that can be made to optimize connection and hit detection and such, but as it stands it's EXTREMELY unreliable. Remaining in the same lobby, never seeing the host migrate or anything, one game might feel like a true 4-bar, while the next will have intermittent moments of warping and feel like a 2-bar, all the while you might be displayed as having a 4-bar. Much like MW2 when played in a controlled (LAN, with certain limitations) environment it excels.

    With it being as new as it is, I reserve judgement. When a game is new, maps are more fun, progression is less of a drag and we (or at least I) use weapons just to get a feel for them, regardless of how bad I might play.

    Once the next title update rolls out, we're likely to see the first Elite Premium map pack as well, and more features coming online within Elite itself.

    All that said, I encourage those who haven't picked MW3 up yet *coughROBOcough* to do so, because these early weeks only happen once... and they are (just after Christmas especially) THE MOST FUN you will ever have while playing publicly with a CoD.

  • I HATED the maps at first.  They are growing on me now though.  

    But the problems I have had w/ them and still do to some extent is the size.  I miss the size of the maps MW2 had, a nice variety of sizes.

    MW3 does not have a large map.  What is the largest map?  Resistance?  What MW3 needs are maps like Overgrown, Wasteland, Derail, all big OPEN maps.  Key word there is open.

    I believe ^^ will also help w/ sniping.  

    This is all from my experience, but everytime I landed on one of those maps I pulled out my sniper rifle and had at it.  

    The point is MW3 is missing maps that are open, and everything is too cluttered to enjoy sniping.  

    I miss being able to have a "snipe off" w/ someone way across the map who is sniping as well.  This DOES NOT happen in this gamebecause there are no maps to support it.  

    Everyone just dies from behind because of the layout of the maps, you can get behind me 4 different ways in every map in every location.

  • The BIG maps from each game: Creek, Seelow, Derail, Array... they go to round timer so often, that should tell you a lot. You can argue that you've had quick rounds on any of these maps, but I'm talking from personal experience - hundreds of hours on each of these games, that I've seen the largest maps consistently go to round timer 10 times more often than any other map. Even if I am attempting to break the silence by charging headlong, or flanking... doesn't matter. Everyone will dig in their heels, get comfortable... and NOT MOVE. One because the map design encourages the patient sniper mentality, but more over it's because of the inevitability of the run time. Players don't even WANT to have to run all the way across that crap again, just to die again.

    Large maps go against everything that makes CoD gameplay successful and popular - and I suppose that unique nature makes them popular votes because it's the "different" map... just seems like everyone suddenly remembers that's how these maps will play, then they complain and it's like... you voted the map in!

    By the same token, I think the Container, Dome, Rust, Nuke Town tiny maps are just as worthless. Spawn, die at choke-point, spawn and hope you're not already being covered from 3 different angles, repeat until end of 3 minute round.

    So yea, I've got Goldilocks syndrome when it comes to map size.

    As far as still dying from behind in MW3, or really any CoD; This is likely to come off as patronizing to the veteran players but hopefully some will get some good use out of the info...

    One of the interesting things about CoD as far as how it appeals to such a wide audience... you might have epic twitch reflexes and machine precision marksmanship, but the vast majority of CoD players don't have pay mind to some other, debatabley more important elements; the combined knowledge of...

    1)Map knowledge: If you ever catch yourself saying "Woah, I never noticed that" or get surprised by where you were shot from (line of sight), you're not quite there yet. Always commit vantage points and line of sight to memory. Having call outs for specific spots on the map is also important if you're actually on your headset communicating with your team, so don't just know the map - know how to call out when you see enemies, from where and where they're heading to. This goes much deeper, into understanding the spawns of each map, see item 3.

    2)Differentiating and responding to audio cues: Everyone knows to listen for footsteps but what about other cues? Can you tell the difference between a grenade pin being pulled, a weapon reload and a point streak activation (trademark clacker sound)? Do you pay attention to the enemy voice shouts; what language are they speaking, and what team are you on? What do you do when you hear that trademark sound of someone taking a hard fall, the bone-crunch? Understanding of audio cues along with your map knowledge for maximum situational awareness.

    3)Understanding the spawn system: You, even just as an individual player, hold the power to control your environment. You control where the enemy will respawn. This isn't something that necessarily comes naturally, only after experience of playing on a particular map on particular game modes can you start to take note of specifically where spawn points are, and just how close you have to be to them to ensure an enemy will NOT spawn there, but instead at another nearby. The linked video should help with introducing this philosophy if you're not already familiar with it. Keep in mind it's a different set of spawns and spawn rules for almost every game mode even on the same map.

  • Dayum Eyros

  • I guess big isn't the term for the maps I like.  I like open maps.  MW3 has hadley any.

    Even w/ the big maps where the timer ran out, it was still a nice change of pace.  Wouldn't you rather have a few maps like that just to mix it up?  I for one miss maps like those.  Epic sniping maps.



  • I snipe a lot, hell, I use everything a lot.  I'm one of those, "I'm not going to be a @ss," kind of guy.  I don't use the type 95 or the akimbo insanity.  

    Overall, Spec Ops Survival mode is a highly polished and AAA mode.  MP feels like the guns need more balancing, and the campaign was good only because of the ending.  I think MW3 deserved Shooter of the year, though I didn't play Brink, Homefront, and Rage, so I'm a little out of know.

    As it goes with big maps, Interchange is pretty big.  Hell, a lot of the maps seems generally larger.  They just don't seem flat like the MW2 maps.  Which I'm ok with.  I can still snipe and kick @ss.

    This is all opinion, please remember that!  :)

  • In my opinion, mw2 had the best maps overall. I loved camping in the house on Estate, its like both teams are fighting for control over it, and the same goes for Wasteland where you fought for control of the middle part. I agree with Micheal the creator, mw3 needs more open maps like the ones I mentioned, but most of the maps in it are pretty good in my opinion. Oh, and for Black Ops, YOU FORGOT ZOMBIES!

    (sorry, but I'm obssessed with it)

  • ya i agree , i feel that survival is almost ripping off trey archs idea of zombies i mean its just like it but the enemys just spawn and they dont have to open windows to get to you. overall i am pretty impresed with mw3 maps < but i feel that they are lacking somthing. i mean the maps seem to be more long range i mean ya you can use close range but i feel they are mostly made to benefit snipers

    • So earlier people were complaining that the maps on mw3 were not sniper friendly. I disagree with this ,because i have done 21 kills and 2 deaths on outpost. on lockdown i went 30 kills and 5 deaths while i was sniping right smack dab in the middle of the field on both maps. so stop complaining that they aren't, because if anything i feel the snipers are at an advantage because of the map layout.


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