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MW3 Update. And Bitterness towards the Type 95.

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  • I Have been loving this game so far.  But few complaints.  Has any one gotten the new update yet?  Because I haven't as of now.  And reading up on the update I noticed their nerfing the type 95 hip spread?? What do they mean by that?  Firing form the hip?  They need to nerf the rapid fire attachment.  Elite should have a stat tracker with "Killed By" like Blops did.  I wonder what my stats are vs that gun.. Or how many countless times I have died by the hands of that gun. Enough with childish rant.  I cant seem to come up with a class to counter it.  Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance. 

  • Suggestion?  Use the same gun

    Lol I love when people say " I can't find blah blah blah to counter blah blah blah!"

    EVERYONE has access to the SAME GUNS!  How do people not understand this.  Hey buddy, why don't you just use the Type95?  It does take skill to use properly, but if for some reason you think it is unfair or whatever, just use it.

    But from what I understand about the "nerf" is two things.

    1.  Yes, they made the hipfire weaker.  The hipfire on that gun w/ Steady Aim perk is ridiculous.  You see everyone running around with Akimbo Machine Pistols right?  Well the hipfire on the Type95(with Steady Aim, which I use all the time) could kill them 8 outa 10 times if you're good. (and they are nerfing the Akimbo FMGs too).  

    2.  They are nerfing the rapid fire attchment.  I'm not sure what the problem with it was really, but I THINK they slowed down the rate of fire or something.

    People all have access to the same weapons.  Nothing is unfair.  Instead of wining about a gun being OP, ask for your favortie gun to be buffed.  

    The Type95 is my favorite gun, and I do agree that it needed to be tweaked.  I just hope this update dosen't make it unusable.

    Enough w/ my childish rant.  

  • Eyros2k has a bunch of stats posted on the article about the tweaks in the comments section.  It seems that the Akimbo FMG sidearm machine pistols are getting the biggest nerf, and that they were beating out alot of primary weapons stat wise.

    But I still don't know if I am right about my 2 guesses  ^^^^^^^there.  I havn't come across a very detailed description of what got nerfed..........

  • A very smart pre/post patch comparison video, for your reference.

  • Ok, well im happy about the Type95, I don't think i would spray from that distance in most scenerios.  But very good video, and dude is right, its hard to tell whether this will even be effective or not.

  • Fair enough.. Thanks for the video eyros2k.  I now have a better understanding of what they did.  And thanks MIchael the Creator for your input, and no I wont use the type 95.  Thanks for the tip.

  • Yeah some people just have to rely on spray and pray in CoD.  I understand ;)

    But for all the wining i'm seeing about the dammn Akimbo FMGs lately, it seems that this patch might not be enough for those people; people are still going to get owned up close by those things, get on the internet, and cry for more nerfs.

    And after trying out the Type95 after patch, that gun is still the best AR in my opinion.  I barely even notice the difference.  

  • The video posted does a good job of showing the increase of default reticule size if nothing else... but it's certainly a fair way off from judging the effects of a hotfix on the community.

    In this (almost) controlled test setting they have, neither the target or attacker are moving. More importantly, with the Type 95 the gun is allowed to settle between shots and return to it's zero point, and you can see that adjustments were made on the Y (up and down) plane when taking shots with the FMG9.

    That said, in the real world these guns will still be popular choices, and their CQC (within 15 feet) potential isn't what has been impacted by the change. The ragers are still going to rage about deaths from within that box, but the discerning fans who actually pay attention to weapon stats and behavior can already see that there will be considerably less ridiculous 30 feet or more encounters.

    God, just look at the pre-patch FMG reticule and tell me that isn't insane, especially in light of it's superior stats.

  • I'm quite satisfied with the nerfs, I just couldn't tolerate the range of said hip fire range.

  • Agreed.  I never even really used the duel FMGs so I have nothing to compare it too.  

    The Type95 is actually alot more balance, I've been noticing that I would get alot more hipfire kills pre patch than I've been getting lately.  But that is where the gun was unbalance imo anyways.

    What exactly did they do with the underbarrel mounts?  I thought I read that they were fixing something with those, but I havnt seen what.  Was it the rapid fire attachment?

  • The CM901 had a unique bug of slightly increased firerate when it had a masterkey or grenade launcher attachment.

  • That was it?  They made it seem broader than that.

    But thanks for the update.  We should play sometime.....I ususally get on in the evenings after work eastern time.

  • The patch notes did say "assault rifles", not just CM901 when referring to the under-barrel rate of fire normalization. I imagine when reviewing the CM901 code the team noticed a root cause that modified all the other rifles, only it was much less noticeable with the other guns? At any rate, it's fixed now ;P

    Now once the shotgun extended mag thing is addressed we'll be just about good to go, at least as far as weapon behavior goes anyway. The MG36 needs to have a slightly quicker raise time and less extreme highs on it's recoil profile, and the Dragunov just needs to either be removed or have it's stats compared to the RSASS...

    Some useful links for you all here:

    Official MW3 patch notes page
    MW3 original (V 1.0) weapon stats chart

    And yea, feel free to add me on XBL, eyros2k. My play time is likely to be minimal and sporadic for the remainder of the year though with work running late almost every day and traveling soon, but come Jan 4th I'll be back online fairly often I'm sure.

    Oh, here's a link to the GameInformer.com Elite Clan as well, if you'd be interested in joining. So far we've having trouble getting people just to accept invites though -_-

  • well personaly i like the rsass because its a good 1 shot kill weapon if u use it right since its made for decapitating and can penetrate any material in the game but im the kind of sniper that dosent really think a sniper deserves praise unless they have the guts to put a silencer on the weapon its bad enough they think that their good when they come in last place but its worse when u tell them to put a silencer on the stupid weapon and they whine about it and say " but then it isnt a one shot kill" my god people go for a head shot not saying im a pro but honestly if u cant get a headshot on a fricking standing still person from at least 100 feet away your not a sniper ur just a friggin noob

  • I have mixed feelings on the RSASS, for one I like it in the same sense that I've liked the M21 or equivalent in most if not all call of duty games. I for one don't like the kick that you get with the regular scope, for some reason I just can't seem to manage to pull off follow up shots and that screws me over. Also I think that the Dragunov should be more akin to the COD4 Dragunov instead of the worthless piece of turd that it has been made into in MW3.

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