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This is you one-stop-spot for all thing Battlefield. From 1942 to Bad Company 2 and beyond, this is a great place to meet other players, talk matches and even recruit new clan members.

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  • Forum Post: MP7

    What do you guys think of the MP7? I have a Service Star with it and I think it's an excellent weapon for close quarters.
  • Forum Post: Re: PP-2000 Baby!!

    Any suggestions for the PP-2000? What attachments should I use?
  • Forum Post: Re: PP-2000 Baby!!

    Huh, that's alrite. I'm hooked on Support and Recon right now. Just trying to unlock new stuff.
  • Forum Post: Just a heads up: Battlefield 3 for 20$ today only

    Seemed like something worth sharing, for anyone who may have traded in their copy prematurely or just hasn't picked it up at all yet, new copies of Battlefield 3 for 360 or PS3 today only on Best Buy - link below. 4/30 Deal of the Day
  • Forum Post: PP-2000 Baby!!

    Is there anyone else that likes the pp-2000 out there!? I have 27 service stars with it but I never see anyone use it. Am I missing something?
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