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This is you one-stop-spot for all thing Battlefield. From 1942 to Bad Company 2 and beyond, this is a great place to meet other players, talk matches and even recruit new clan members.

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  • Forum Post: Does anyone know when the Battlefield 3 beta comes out?

    I purchased MoH Limited Edition and it says you get the BF3 beta key inside!!! or something like i was wondering. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN ITS COMING OUT???
  • Forum Post: UPDATE: MOH 7/10 do you agree?

    GI giving MOH 7/10 what you expected for MOH? Do you agree with these rading's. GI - 7/10 IGN - 6/10 update Gamespot - 7.5/10 Eurogame - 8/10 All comments are helpful so please comment...
  • Forum Post: DICE to Make Multiplayer on New MoH Game?

    I am just wondering what you guys think of this. A) You think DICE should stick to Bad Company 2, Mirror's Edge 2, and Battlefield 3 B) You are only picking p the game because of this C) The game looks intriguing and you would by this game regardless D) The game looks like *** and you have no desire...
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