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This is you one-stop-spot for all thing Battlefield. From 1942 to Bad Company 2 and beyond, this is a great place to meet other players, talk matches and even recruit new clan members.

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    do you guys think BF2MC is under rated... i sure as hell do. it was the first consle battlefield and it allways gets crap from the critics and is overlooked by battlefield fans and FPS fans. i mean backstab was an awsome map and i really think they need to bring that map back. but it seems to me like...
  • Forum Post: Favorite Songs To Game To

    I wanna know some opinions about the Top 3 songs that you guys get all your hardcore gaming out along to, personally my top 3 favorite songs to game to are: You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire - Queens Of The Stone Age [if you listen to it you'd immediately know where...
  • Forum Post: Why is Bad Company 2 going to be rated M?

    There is no need for blood and gore in the game. It's done fine for almost a decade. And if Gears, Halo, and Call of Dudes have shown us anything, Bad Company 2's M rating will attract more annoying little kids than a T game. Oh well, maybe it will make for easier kills. I doubt their minds have...
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