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This is you one-stop-spot for all thing Battlefield. From 1942 to Bad Company 2 and beyond, this is a great place to meet other players, talk matches and even recruit new clan members.

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    Is it me or does it seam like every COD fanboy that bashes BF hasnt played BC1 or 2 for more than an hour(and most of the time bashes BF without have ever playing it). Because ive noticed that every person that i went to school with that was on my xbox live freinds list(about 20 or so people) that i...
  • Forum Post: VIP Map Pack 7 has 4 maps

    map #1 Oasis from BC1 map #2 Harvest Day from BC1 map #3 Cold War from BC2 SPlayer map #4 Heavy Metal from BC2 SPlayer go to from more.
  • Forum Post: Favorite Songs To Game To

    I wanna know some opinions about the Top 3 songs that you guys get all your hardcore gaming out along to, personally my top 3 favorite songs to game to are: You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire - Queens Of The Stone Age [if you listen to it you'd immediately know where...
  • Forum Post: Re: Should I Get Battlefield Bad Company 2?

    This really depends on what kind of gamer you are. If the things you liked in the demo are really the things you are looking for than it's your opinion whether or not to get it. PROS: - Vehicles that are fun to play with Unlike other shooters you can drive tanks, helicopters, ATVs, Jetskis, Special...
  • Forum Post: What Do You Think About The WW2 Level

    Have you heard the BFBC2 will have a WW2 lvl? If not, they most certainly do. No one knows if it is going to be a tutorial lvl, introductory, or a full mission, but there was gameplay and a cinematic scene for it posted on planet battlefield for it but has now been taken down due to request by EA. I...
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