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This is you one-stop-spot for all thing Battlefield. From 1942 to Bad Company 2 and beyond, this is a great place to meet other players, talk matches and even recruit new clan members.

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    Is it me or does it seam like every COD fanboy that bashes BF hasnt played BC1 or 2 for more than an hour(and most of the time bashes BF without have ever playing it). Because ive noticed that every person that i went to school with that was on my xbox live freinds list(about 20 or so people) that i...
  • Forum Post: Game Informer Online Community Event: FragFest 5 - Details inside

    Greetings everyone. I just wanted to drop in here and pass around the word about this months community FragFest. Warbuff and I are working together on different avenues to get the group a higher profile across to site... while he contacts the staff and podcasters, I threw together this little 60(ish...
  • Forum Post: Does anyone know when the Battlefield 3 beta comes out?

    I purchased MoH Limited Edition and it says you get the BF3 beta key inside!!! or something like i was wondering. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN ITS COMING OUT???
  • Forum Post: My weapons won't show up

    My stuff doesn't show up, all i get is the starter equipment
  • Forum Post: Connection problems in BC2?

    Me and my friend are trying to play a game together, just a regular match. We're playing on 360. We can join Xbox's party chat and join seperate games with no problem. It's when we try to join the same game together that we get this bullcrap message "unable to connect to EA servers,...

    do you guys think BF2MC is under rated... i sure as hell do. it was the first consle battlefield and it allways gets crap from the critics and is overlooked by battlefield fans and FPS fans. i mean backstab was an awsome map and i really think they need to bring that map back. but it seems to me like...
  • Forum Post: Re: Bad Company 2: Vietnam

    i acutally might not get vietnam till next year. ill just be to busy on reach and MOH.
  • Forum Post: Failed to Connect to EA Servers

    This image is a start of what is supposed to be a good time: But then, in a cruel twist of fate, you get screwed worse than a fat 8 year old walking down bully alley with a fist full of lunch money at midnight: I don't know about you guys but I'm getting real tired of this. It's like driving...
  • Forum Post: Favorite weapon sights?

    I've seen a lot of diversity in terms of the things that people look through to kill people, which I really like because no one would use the ACOG scope in Call of Duty. I like to use the iron sights because the red dot sights don't really help me much, I'd rather have a different specialization...
  • Forum Post: EPIC moments

    i think the title sums it up well, what epic thing happened last night or a week ago that you would like to share with the group. the floor is yours.
  • Forum Post: Favorite Songs To Game To

    I wanna know some opinions about the Top 3 songs that you guys get all your hardcore gaming out along to, personally my top 3 favorite songs to game to are: You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire - Queens Of The Stone Age [if you listen to it you'd immediately know where...
  • Forum Post: Whats your favorite campaign level?

    I played the campaign and loved it, what was the best mission you played, and particular moment. (funny, epic etc.)
  • Forum Post: I Need Reliable Squad Mates

    i need reliable squad mates on the ps3 for BC2, anybody capable of communication and team work and doesn't just go all willy nilly all over the battlefield?
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