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  • Im posting this after the newly released patch which i had to wait 30 mins to download for starters. this game (BFBC2) is turning into the biggest crap pot shooter ever. the problems are starting to outweigh the pleasures. Once again all the weapon stats have been remodified like there was a problem before. why the F**k do they keep changing the damage and accuracy of weapons. Its the dumbest thing ever. Before you had a sense of what your weapon could do but now that once again the stats are changed its not the same. I still say that recon class is overpowered, not needed and should be changed or removed. theres still a problem with spawning. because u can kill someone and their friend will spawn and you cant kill them because they are spawn protected for 2 seconds. I think that if you got killed and have to respawn then you should be the one being penilized not the people that havent died. You should spawn in your teammates area but not right on their Fu**king butt. This game used to be everything i enjoyed playing. I even sold 3 or 4 of my other games just to make playing time for this. Now im so ready for the next best shooter to come out.....


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  • it seems that enemies spawning on each other and killing you happens a lot.


  • yes that is probably a 3rd of my kills. you may not have a problem with it but i have talked to alot of people that have this same issue. Its really crazy cause they come out of no where. I think that sometimes people watch their teammates and then spawn at that moment. I dont think that is wrong being that you might be trying to help your teammate. but then if you think about that it doesnt seem fair. you could all just wait to spawn on one person all at the same time, in that case i think thats cheating or poor play. I think that you should be spawned in the same grid unit as your teammate but you have to regroup manually ( you tell your teammate "im coming, i got spawned on the backside of the building) that would make it more realistic instead of popping out from the sky like god and taking everyone out. Its ten times worse when its a medic too...


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  • I can't say I have an issue with it.  I know when they're doomed and I know when I can't help them.  There's no point in trying if they're doomed, you need your squad to do anything.

  • So you're not gonna play anymore? Or buy Onslaught mode?

    Wait a second... you still hate it even after all of these changes in the patch?

    • Kit images added in spawn menu
    • Fixed the "required rank" field on the unlock items specified on the W&G page
    • Added M14, NS 2000 and G3 in-game unlock pop-up when the requirements for unlocking them are reached
    • Added a server side check of the veteran status of the players
    • Award bugfix for "Win all 4 game modes" (it had marksman headshot as a dependency)
    • Garand did not track anything, Thompson tracked Garand.
    • Increased the penalty points for TeamKill and TeamDamage
    • Increased the reward points for Objective Actions (Flag Cap/Assist, Arm/Disarm/Destroy/Damage/TeamDestroy/TeamDamage)
    • Fixed veteran rank number not showing up in ingame scoreboard
    • The southpaw setting now works for the anti-air gun and the Stationary AT
    • Collectible weapon messages fixed

  • Well spoony I did like how the images appear, how the vet rank shows up, and the objective actions points are increased, but that doesnt change what im really ticked off about. just how the weapons keep changing, i guess the only way i can look at it is they do this so the game doesnt feel the same and you have to learn new ways. but im never gonna let off the spawning system. you know firsthand how much I get mad cause of the spawn kill incidents. P.S. the whole squad misses you man, we was just talking about how we cant spawn off you cause we end up dying. you missed a really good private match the other night too. 1st round we did knifes only, 2nd round was 40mgs and rpgs lol too much fun on panama canal, even though i gave up about 25 gold dogtags :( ... hope to see you soon spoon we got your spot ready when you come back


    Reignin Terror Since 1987

  • DenKirson:

    The updates from R8 include...
    AN-94 Damage decreased
    PKM Long Damage increased
    T88 LMG Short Damage decreased
    MG3 damage increased at both ranges
    M95 Damage increased slightly (and headshot multiplier possibly increased?)
    G3 Spray or Recoil decreased (and damage increased?)
    VSS Spray or Recoil decreased
    SVU long damage increased to the same as the T88 S
    Saiga Slug Damage changed to be the same as the USAS Slug
    40mm Shotgun returned to 16 damage at all ranges?

  • Dude, come play Bad company 1 with me. I was psyched for BC2 a while back, but the beta told me that I would have just as much fun playing BC1. Maybe when the price goes down I will finally get it.

    Also, I don't know about the recon class in BC2, but it owns. Motion sensors all day.

    If you post it, they will troll.

  • Does anyone else hate getting knifed?  I swear, people will go so far just to get other player's dogtags, it's ridiculous.  I've seen enemies chasing me a few times when I turn around.  

    I might even start controller ballistics.

  • Yeah when I get knifed I go where in the hell?   It's seriously annoying.  I won't go out of my way to knife someone, I mean if I'm behind them and they're running, I will.  But otherwise I find no point in doing so.

  • I can see why you would be a little annoyed by the change in the M60's damage since 25% of your kills come from it.  That would be a frustrating change and I likewise didn't see a problem with it in the first place.  I have had no problem with the spawn issue you bring up though; and you really propose cutting the recon class entirely?!  Play COD if you really feel that way because that class is an important component to the balance of any Battlefield game I have played.  You are mad, Sir...

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