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This one time, playing Bad Company 2

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  • This one time, playing Bad Company 2 I had only 30 something heals going into a match and I managed to earn my pin for 100 heals before the match ended.

    It was brisk afternoon in White Pass Alaska when myself and about 5 other team mates were huddled in an attic.  A good chunk of the roof was missing from said attic and all of us had a fantasic vantage point of the enemy attacking Bravo.  Did I mention this was a conquest game? 

    When I noticed that half the team was all in the same attic, I realized just how much it would suck if an APC happened to roll in.  So I decided to do what I do best, I retreated to the back of the attic and camped the stairs.  It was the only way up there so if someone wanted to flank us that would be the way.  I tossed out a medkit, fired up my propane lamp, cracked open a Tolstoy and sat cross legged in the corner.

    Miss Cleo would have been proud because it wasn't long before an APC began pissing fire all over our little party.  I chuckled a bit as my teammates immediately back pedaled into the corner I was using.  The APC was kind enough to blast the medkit and make it slide across the floor to our feet.  That chuckle evolved into a hefty gufaw as I saw heal points, rank up messages and weapon unlocks flash on my screen like a slot machine jack pot.

    At this point all I could see were man butts.  Like I said, I was crouched in a corner with everyone standing around me huddled together as if warmth was also a bullet shield.  The APC obviously didn't have a good angle on us because only a few people died.  I quickly rezzed them and continued to see my points stack up like patties at a Burger King.

    When the match was over and done with I had my highest score ever for a match.  I didn't write down the excat number but it was well over 3,000 points.  My really good matches are in the low 2,000 so over 3K equates to a new bike on christmas morning.   Never before have I been rewarded so much for doing so little.  I plan to play the medic class more often now.

    That's my story, what's yours?

  • nice

    ....there is no spoon....

  • haha, great story, made my day. This is my first post in a while, had a lot of school work.

    My story isnt quite as amazing, but its the only one in Recent memory

    It was a fine, warm day of the archipelago islands of ISLA INOCENTES as my friend and I joined in. We were defending Russia's finest set of M-Coms in our second base.

    Resistance was minimal. We scouted the skies for blackhawks, poised to fire with our rpg's and carl gustavs. It was quiet. Too quiet....

    Suddenly, we here a burst of gatling gun fire. We frantically search the skies until one of my comrades spotted a heli. 1 rocket launched. Then a second, followed by a third. I had my fair share misses until i pulled my tracer darts out. First shot hits its tail, in a second its down.

    Meanwhile, our left flank is being bombarded with 40 mils from an APC. As i circle around it to get a better angle, i spot two engineers repairing it from behind. I report into my mic this essential info. My comrades make haste and stealthily stab both engineers. The APC realizes the situation, and starts to retreat. I pull out my trusty tracer darts once again, and shoot it before it takes cover behind a hill. It's fate is sealed.

    Soon there after, my squadmate managed to double headshot 2 guys off a jetski. We rush to hijack it. We board it, than skim the water to the enemy base. The wind cooled our sweat-soaked hair. The enemy base was in sight.

    Our jetski rushes up on land, and i swiftly take out my AK (equiped with 4x scope) and take out 2 enemies who spotted our small squad. A magic force suddenly bring us a Blackhawk right from thin air! We couldnt believe our luck! We soon learn the simplistic ways of american controls, even though they were in english. We soon depart, and our small tactical move changed the course of the war.

    That's my story, whats yours? :)

  • This was a great way to tell these stories, I don't really have one yet but when I do I'll try an post one.  Great job guys!

  • @Brennnan: Spawn camper!

    Anyways, I don't have the time or the capacity to write an epic story... so you can just post some more and I will read.

  • Spoony, i would never spawn camp. I wish i could have played some more yesterday and today, but i couldnt continue my awesomeness

    it amazes me how much i love bc2 now. one time i was play it, then i had a bad game, turned off my xbox, and got mw2. (im not a traitor) I was hooked on that gme for well over a month, and it was definitely fun. When i came back to bc2, which was only a couple days ago, mind you, i had some of the most fun times in video games i had in a while.

    just thought i would type that, just for shits and giggles.

    Also, what really sucks, is when you are the only person in your squad of friends that can fly a heli, you dont get as many kills, but you get as many deaths :(

  • I hate the people who cant fly helis.

    Here's mine. Me and my platoon were prepping the  at some harbor near Arica City. My entire squad was assault troopers (I was using a captured AEK-971 with 4x optics) We (Alpha) ran to Alpha position while Bravo and Charlie ran to Beta respectably. I crouched, popped a piece of gum, and looked down my scope. Out of nowhere, a bullet whipped past me. I shot blind out of instinct. To my surprise, two corpses fell. I shot a grenade at the same area, and killed 4 enemies! I ran down the street, and found a sniper foucusing in for the kill. A combat knife to the neck solved his problem, saving Beta. Finding a tank that was seemingly "spawned", I pulled the trigger on the main gun, knocking out a squad of enemies. I was commended with a silver vehicle star. A mortar ended my fun, but I got out alive. I shot the sniper, and got a award and a new captured weapon, the AN-94, which since that day controls like a dream.

    Thats my tale, any others?

  • so one time playing BFBC 2 i me and my squad-mate hopped into and apache.He got in the driver seat and me in the gunner(i cant fly helis for ***). Once we were airborne i spotted an enemy heli. I started firing at it and got a couple of hit markers on the opposing vehicle. But my squad-mate started flying in the opposite direction so i couldn't get a good shot on the vehicle. After a couple missles hit our heli it was clear we were to die any second.So, without a moment to spare, i jumped out of the heli and parachuted out just as the heli and my squad-mate exploded.While i was parachuting down i spotted an enemy running towards and abbandoned house.So i whipped out my trusty UMP-45 and shot him in mid air.

    thats my story. hope you enjoyed it

  • haha, i did that once except i got a RPG kill. =)

    ....there is no spoon....

  • Yea I love how they give your 15 extra points if you kill someone will falling with a parachute.

  • So I was playing with a couple of friends and after I got done playing some Conquest I backed out so we could play a different game mode.  Well as I got to the form a squad screen a message popped up from DICE saying that because of the way I had been playing the past few games, I'm not sure which ones but I have an idea, my skill level was being dropped to 0.  What the hell is up with that?!?! Anyone know?

    I do have to admit, ashamedly, my buddy and I were jumping in helis for two games and kind of being assholes.  I usually do not do that though, it was my first time.  I also am normally a team player and the next four games after that I was more of myself.

  • "One time playing BC2, I kicked ass."


  • haha, nice post.

    ....there is no spoon....

  • @RJ

    When you get past a certain Rank and you do play bad (Die a lot, etc), they drop your skill lvl dramatically.


  • Definitely some interesting stuff happens out there. 

    Heres my story. I dont care if you believe it or not but i just need to get it out there. 

    It was the map with the lighthouse (i can never remember map names except isla innocentes just cause its my favorite). I had began an assault on the mcom stations by by providing support with my grenade launcher while hidden in the shadows with an ammo pack. I had around 10 kills and 5 deaths. THen we moved them back and got about five more kills with the avtomat and rpg while taking an mcom station. That was a short attack. Then i took the ridge on the opposite side of the lighthouse base and sniped to rack up 30 kills and 4 deaths. Then moved them back once again. I then sniped from the village then the jungle for another 26 kills and only 3 deaths. I dont know how i did it. My opposition must have just sucked but i had a 66-12 kill death ratio with 39 medals and 5 unlocks. I went from a rank 6 to almost rank 8 with between 5000 -6750 points. This was the game of my life and i will probably not have another one like it for a long time, if ever.


    Another story if you can take it. I had joined a match at the snowy harbor level and had realized that there was an enemy defender on our oil line ridge on the right of our beginning  deployment base. I started the match as an engineer and went to take him out. With a dog tag under my belt already i was pumped for this game. I then turned to the defenders employment and whipped out my remote controlled rocket launcher and just fired for the heck of it (peer pressure) and then just mindlessly guided it towards bravo. I heard a boom and then a double kill acknowledgment popped up on the screen. SO SWEET! lucky yes but sweet. 

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