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Demo Opinions

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  • Note:  They did a patch today(January 29th) to fix the lag on the servers.

    After the patch I thought the game played great, even though it's the only one map it was just really fun.  I enjoyed the fact it was just more clean than the first one, building completely destructible for the most part.  I also enjoy how I don't have to keep throwing ammo crates out, they sit there for a while and they can keep resupplying people, same with med packs.

    I'm also VERY happy with the defribilator, it was well needed and very helpful. 

    It seems as if every class is quite balanced, at least you have a submachine gun for the engineer class which was well needed because they were only good in close quarters.  I don't know about this but it seems as if Snipers do more damage but I'm not entirely sure yet.  I recall killing a few people in one shot.

    Also the amount of weapons and gadgets etc..  More possibilies for a kit than MW2.

    Anyway, the game looks very promising and I plan to keep playing the demo.

  • The demo is VERY good, and addictive. If the rest of the game is like that, then good bye CoD. So far BFBC2 is the top rated demo on XBL, and it should be. My favorite class is the medic because i can help out my squad and get a lot of points and become #1 on the leaderboard very easily. The UAV is cool too; I cand spot out enemies for the snipers and take out turret guns for my team and my tanks too.

    There were some glitches though; like lag (which isn't completely fixed), and being revived when in the spawn screen would sometimes make my guy come back to life, but i'm stuck in the spawn screen and can't get out unless I die (which I think is fixed) ; and the fact that snipers can get on the uav and snipe (it's not really a problem, but it gets annoying).

    The destruction 2.0 is also cool, but I saw a teammate destroy a building crucial to defending the crates, and the house with the crate itself, which bugged me.

    The destruction is awesome, the sound is out of this world, the graphics are unlike anything i've seen, and the game is very addictive. This adds up to game of the game of the year depending on the Full release, and it does look promising.


  • Yes, I agree with both of you, but I wont go into a full review on it. Being a a pilot in the original  Bad company, I am going over how i think the helis are in this game.

    Apache: Wow, i must say. They really improved on it in any way, and the gunner is a lot more useful! I am also happy with the new flight controls, and i tried them and am now using them.

    UAV: Fun, and an original idea that always makes you check the skies. I think the hellfire missile could be a little stronger, but otherwise, it is well balanced.

    Blackhawk: I was amazingly siked for this, but it sort of let me down. The fact that it is at the last base sucks, along with you have to be talking to the gunners, or else they will just shoot aimlessly. The miniguns, in my opinion, are WAAYY to underpowered, and i think one or to shots should kill.

    Also the fact that you can get shot out of helicopters now is just awesome. I was onece in a blackhawk with a buddy, and while he was flying, he got sniped right out of it, and i quickly switched seats and flew away. Truly a Battlefield Moment.

    I will be going into more aspects of the game after I get to absorb its holyness some more :)

  • I'm still attempting to get used to the heli controls.  I'm so used to the other ones.  Haha.

  • The PC beta is fantastic except for the occasionally laggy server.

    I haven't gotten to play around with everything but the vehicles seem awesome. The ATV and UAV are fun but like Brennan said, the missile could be a little stronger. I haven't gotten in a helicopter yet but the fact you can snipe the driver is plain out awesome.

    As for classes I've only used the medic and it's perfectly balanced. The shotgun is great for defending and taking capture. The Defib takes just the right amount to recharge. The med packs have a great range once you use the upgrade. Also you can get a ton of points being a medic.

    I love this game and can't wait for the final release. It's defiantly going to be better than MW2.

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  • I love the game and the new classes but the map for the demo is ok. I just like desert levels more.

  • Well, the map is hell to snipe on depending where you are, if you're on lower ground the wind really gets in your way.  I like the map but it just doesn't seem as big as the old ones were.

  • I like that the smoke from downed tanks and destroyed buildings can block the view of the snipers. I just don't like campers, and the fact that a LOT of people play as that class just upsets me. So, i just go on my own "sniper hunting" missions and  catch them off guard. There's nothing like stabbing the hell out of a sniper that doesn't know you're there.


  • One thing I really like, when you stab someone, it's a knife to the back of their head.  It isn't a Call of duty little slice type of thing, it's a physical stab to the back of the head.  That's a instant kill for anyone.  

    Btw, finally came in first place!  Ironically I didn't have a squad either so I had to run to the base everytime.

  • yea, i really like the head stabbing, i usually crouch when i'm being attacked and the knife instantly aims for the head lol. But when someone else stabs, it looks like they are trying to punch you lol.


  • I dislike the knifing now. Especially since it's all I do. I guess they don't want people going around kniging, they only want you to do it if you sneak up on someone, because I can't do the knifing glitch and the animation takes way longer anyway.

    But that didn't stop me from getting 17 knife kills last match :)

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  • Well for this episode of Demo Opinions, i shall be talking about the specific classes and some weapons of my choice.

    Assault: A nice beginning class I would say. Almost infinite ammo, fairly decent power, and, as the name states, a good class for assaulting.


    Pros:This gun has a nice rate of fire, and decent firepower.

    Cons: Recoil: A bit difficult for people playing the game for the first time, just because it could possibly go all over the place. In the hands of an expert, it can be used to their advantage. I also think the iron sights take some getting used to, because they are different.

    Engineer: The ultimate vehicle *** class, as some may say. The repair tool is a tank saver, and the overheat system of it makes it alot more fair. The RPG is weak, but the gadget could be changed in the full game.

    9A-91 and SCAR-L: Since the engineer class is focused on vehicles, i believe DICE made the right choice for the power of these weapons. They can really only kill one or two enemies, depending how you shoot them. These guns are very similar too each other, the big difference is magazine size. Still, DICE amazingly made the 9A-91 feel like a sub-machine gun, which differs from the SCAR, which is a Carbine.

    Medic: Finally! I feel power in the Medic's guns! The med packs and the defibrillator are literally a lifesaver. I would use this kit if you either want to mow down people, or are in a good squad.

    PKM and M249: The PKM in my opinion, is the better of the two. It has a decent clip size, the recoil is bearable, and the power and accuracy are great. The M249 has a big clip, but it is  more of a spray and pray weapon.

    Recon: This is a fun class just because their is no BS when you get killed by a sniper. There is bullet drop and the bullet takes time to get to the target. It is a sense of accomplishment when you get a headshot on a moving target

    Type -88 and M24: I hate the T-88 because there is way to much recoil, and its engagement range is a lot smaller than the M24. The M24 is fun and powerful, and the recoil means nothing as it is a bolt action rifle.

    All Kits:

    Tracer Dart Gun: It is a lot more accurate and the dart goes to the target faster. It is almost impossible to dodge an RPG that has locked on to you.

    870 MCS Shotgun: The range has increased from the first one, and it really is a beast in close quarters combat. It is nice to be able to switch out your primary for this gun.

    M9 Pistol: Similar to the first game, but a tad bit more powerful and reliable when you run out of ammo.

    What should I review next? Also if i missed any guns tell me.

  • Wow, didnt realize that post was so big, I should show this to my english teacher :)

  • Actually the M249 has always been a spray and pray weapon in all battlefield games.  That thing was horrible for medium range combat but not so bad in this one.  But you can easily mow down a squad spawning on one of their members with it.  Don't even have to zoom it, just let it rip.  You'll have them all dead.

  • I guess, I was just remembering the first Bad Company, were it was a pretty slow rate of fire and a lot of damage

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