Looking for an Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 platoon (clan) that knows the meaning of teamwork and has fun playing together? Then checkout the 3rd Army Tactical Assault Group (3TAG) on battlelog and send an application today!
How to join:
1) Contact a Recruiter (USMC C0MMAND3R, xAVENGERLDZx)
2) Join the Clan website
3) Join the Battlelog Platoon (Don't forget to become a fan)
4) Choose a branch to join (Army, Marines, Navy. Air Force)
5) Request training session with a squad leader
6) Request further assistance from a leader to assign you to a squad
How to earn quick promotions:
1) Stay active on the website and the battlelog platoon
2) Post on the forums frequently
3) Strive to do your best and always give 110%
4) Practice good teamwork habits by playing squad sessions with your assigned squad

The ground forces of the army, we need Rangers who can Dominate the land with armored assaults and vast infantry invasions, Green Berets who are skilled enough to ambush main routes, take part in unconventional warfare and take out a whole team with one squad. We also need some paratroopers who will drop from utility helicopters in order to rapidly take out M-COMS and flags via air assault.


We are the amphibious assault unit, attacking islands and using conventional warfare, as well as mixed arms warfare. We need more scout snipers, dedicated mortar teams and more marines!


Our Navy drives the amphibious vehicles necessary of assaults on islands carried out with the USMC. We also co-operate with the USAF, who utilize the ships we have. Our land based unit, the SEALs must be experts at sniping, stealth, guerilla warfare, giving suppressive fire in MED/CASEVACs and take over buildings or rooms with M-COMs in, so the place is clear to seize or capture objectives. We need more sailors and SEALS!


Our current pilots are the best of the best. Multiple service stars on jets and helicopters, we have many jet aces and excellent helicopter pilots. We need more pilots to allow us air superiority, as well as to drop off our paratroopers, take part in MEDEVAC and CASEVAC, as well as give CAS.


Here is the link to our platoon's Battlelog:


And here is the link to our Official Website:


For more information just ask in the comments or PM me.