As I've heard many people are complaining about the servers in battlefield 3, to fix this problem I am giving you an exact instruction on how you can optimize your multiplayer games.

1)  Start your server browser

At first you have to go to the multiplayer mode, after that you scroll to server browser and start it with A(xbox360) / X(ps3).


2) Look for available servers

If the server browser is started, you can see a list of available servers, which are based on your filter. If you're opening the server browser for the first time all the settings are set on Standard. This is the reason why you see so much different servers having different modes that you can join. On the right side you can notice if the server is Ranked, a official server that is ensuring that your benefits are in the official statistics. Beside the  name and the map you can notice the Ping, it shows how good your connection to the server is.


3) Setting of the filter

With the filter-settings the server browser shows his total flexibility and possibilities. Press R3(xbox360 and ps3) to get to the filter settings. Now you can choose your settings, with A/X you can choose the criterias.

Players -setting the filter on a small value is providing you and your squad a lot of servers with free places.

Mode -here you can choose the different modes in order to see the servers with the chosen mode.

Map -Obviously, providing you to choose on which map you want to play.

Preset -with this setting you can choose beetween the NORMAL servers, and servers with HARDCORE-mode, apart from that you can also choose the INFANTRY-mode in which only servers without any vehicles are shown.

Ranked -choose yes or no, to view both variations hit no option, a ranked servers is related to the official rules. Every match in a ranked server is put into the official statistics of battlefield 3. 

Region -if you don't choose a region, servers all around the world are shown to you. IMPORTANT: To avoid Lag or Rubberbanding you should choose a region relating to the region you come from, for every online match your relating region should be set.

If you're finished with your settings press B/Square to get back to the server browser. Your settings are automatically active and from now on you can only see servers that fit into your settings.


4) Details concerning to the server that you're interested in

If you are showing interest into one of the many servers press A/X and check out the informations about the server. Now you can see further details from the server, you can navigate with the joystick in order to find what map is going to be played next match, which players are on the server, settings and much more. If a server has shown up a good connection once you should stick to him. With this players are more likely to play on the same server, according to this it is certain that some of the players will be familiar to you with time.

Whenever you're finished with the settings you can join a server and begin with a match. Good luck and see you on the battlefield !