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Battlfield 3 campaign.

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  • Ok right now I am pissed. I'm trying to beat the BF3 campaign on hard. Problem is I cant beat it. I mean literally I cannot beat it. There are sections were I die fifteen times or more. The only reason I get through any of these parts is memorization of were enemies will pop out and just dumb luck. So far having to resort to this has dissapointed me greatly. Most of the time I am laying on the ground slightly poking out of cover just trying to get a shot on my enemy. Because of this I lose all enjoyment in the game. Its not a challenge anymore, it's an annoyance. I see enemies blind firing on me, but with perfect accuracy. Guys are waiting behind every door way ready to shoot the first thing that moves. How can someone react to that? The only reason I am still playing the campaign is because, that way I won't ever have to come back to it. Right now I am at the section with the train and I drop down a hole and a guy almost instantly shoots me with a shotty. This has gotten ridiculous. I lose all sense of any realism or tacticality and instead rely on stupid cowering techniques, but not even that is enough to stay alive. This is really just a rant out of pure anger and hate for the experience I am currently having. But honestly DICE... WTF!?

  • Yeesh, that's disheartening to hear. I opted to play on normal for my initial play-through, and the AI on that setting is laughable. There have been at least 4 encounters where I pushed up on one side of an engagement taking on the enemies in my field of view no problem, then turn around and see multiple enemies still firing on my teammates who are behind cover, rather than into my back - when I'm standing out in the open -_-

  • I'm also playing the campaign in Hard , I really don't find so hard at all . It's just pain fun and cool.

  • The campaign was dissapointing for me as well, I was expecting something that embodied Battlefield, doing what I WANTED to win a battle, and complete a mission, nope. Just like any other FPS campaign. Don't get me wrong I love FPS, especially Battlefield and CoD, but the campaigns, excluding CoD 4, are sh*t.

  • The AI is one of the most annoying things in practically every FPS nowadays. They suck any sense of realism out of every firefight. Each encounter becomes, wait for guy to stand out of cover and shoot him. Drives me nuts. There needs to be a revitalization in the FPS genre campaigns. But when you have epic full scale skirmishes, or frantic deathmatches that attract millions of gamers, who gives a sh!t any more.

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