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  • Is it me or does it seam like every COD fanboy that bashes BF hasnt played BC1 or 2 for more than an hour(and most of the time bashes BF without have ever playing it). Because ive noticed that every person that i went to school with that was on my xbox live freinds list(about 20 or so people) that i tried to get to play BF... shot me down on the spot. there were only 4 people that were my friends that even tried BF once i told them how good it was. 1 played bfbc1 for less than 20 min and said its nothing compared to COD4 or WAW. an other said it was ok but never played it again... after 40min of playing BC2. my best freind didnt like bc1 but absolutly loved bc2(and we still play it togethre atleast  4 times a week). and the final one(witch is he most hilarious) that tried the bc sieres played bc1 for 8 min before quiting it and declaring COD4 as the campion, and tried bc2 for 6 min before quiting and declaring mw2 and waw the reigning champions..........really...... your really gona judge a game after 6 min of playing it and then never giving it a chance ever again? and that was only 4 people that even tried it... the other 16 or so people that i went to highschool with didnt even try any bf game.... but still say its inferior to cod.

    i dont think the COD community realizes that they all just sound like 10 year old know it alls. they declare cod is the best game ever, yet when an other shooter comes out, most refuse to play it. or if they do play it, its for less than an hour. and thats what cod fanboys dont get.... you cant call cod the best thing since sliced bread when you havent played any other shooter for months. i mean can you say ford is the best car brand on the planet, if you have never driven a chevy or dodge before... no because that statement wouldnt make sence.

    and an other thing cod fanboy dont get is that us battlefield fans havent only played battlefield. hell most of the bc1 and 2 fanboys were once codfanboys(cuz my best freind and i sure as hell were codfanboys) for some of us bc1 and or 2 are the only battlfield games we have ever played(cuz some of us couldnt afford a $1200 gaming computer that could play bf2). so cod fanboys need to pull there heads out of their as5es and realize cod isnt the only shooter out. and they need to stop calling out bf fans, because most of the console bf fans(like me) were once loyal cod fans... but then mw2 came along and promoted being a n00b. and thats why we left cod... because cod turned its back on something called being a fair and balanced game like COD4 was.  

  • well i myself like COD games but i love Battlefield games more. The reason that many people dislike Battlefield is probably because in Battlefield games you don't usually get kills right of the bat and teamwork is more crucial than in COD games like MW2 and B.O. The only reason i play COD is because the majority of my friends have it instead of BFBC2. If you feel like you wanna Squad up on Bad Company 2 my XBL tag is xAVENGERLDZx since i'm thinking of getting the game for my Xbox 360.

  • Oh dear me...

  • yeah thats actually why i played MW2 so much. cuz my freinds at school had it. and none had bc1 or bc2. so i kinda just dealt with all the bs that was in mw2. but no doubt brother... ill look you up on xbox live when i get online up and running again... i actually hope BF3 has clan support... I actually left my old clan (TG) cuz of bc2 lac of clan support. so we would always have to fight each other and not other players... (cuz getting 12 guys on the same team on a game that doesnt support clans is really painful) so we always had to do stupid private games(plus i was taking orders from a guy with a kd of 1.14) yeah...... that didnt sit well with me concidering i had a kd of 2.90 when i left TG. if bf3 supports clans ill deff look u up.

  • I tried to get my classmates to at least try BC2. They would either say, it's garbage without even playing it, or say COD sold more so it's better. I'm laughing now because when BF3 was shown, a lot of my friends are saying don't compare them or we'll see what happens. It's also funny because now one of my friends (Who is a huge COD fan) wants to borrow my copy of BC2, I told him no and buy his own. He said "I guess I won't be playing it ever then". I said "Hey, it's not my loss". People are funny sometimes.


  • Sounds like we all have the same story.  I rented CoD: B.O. (stinks up the place) and did not care for the story at all.  Leave that Tyler Durden stuff in Fight Club.  As for the multiplayer its all about run and gun and k/d ratio's.  Alas, like everyone else my friends had it and its all they played together online.  I finally broke down and bought it as a used game and it didn't take long for me to grow seriously tired of that crap.  We played more combat training than actual multiplayer due to the over abundance of whiners.  

    I remember how much I enjoyed BF B.C.2 so I picked up a copy just to play through the campaign again.  Much to my delight the multiplayer pulled me in and I can't put it down.  This game requires much more team play and cooperation than any CoD game.  This is the way a shooter should play and I'm so very excited for the release of Battlefield 3.  With the updated engine and graphics this game will be epic.  I've watched the jet video and the campaign tank video over and over again.  I just recently watched some video on youtube showing a Rush (I think, not sure) gameplay.  I love that you can lay down now!!!  Snipers delight!  What does the new CoD bring to the table?  Look, I can flip my scope.  short range, long range.  tada.  That's it!  

    Battlefield 3 for the mother F'ing win!



  • I'm getting both, because BF3 will be the better game but all my friends play CoD :D GO BF3!!

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