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This one time, playing Bad Company 2

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  • wow.....i am outclassed....

  • This one time, on Port Valdez, we were defending, and I ran inside a Blackhawk that was taking off. Unfortunately, I was playing Recon (which I'm not very good at), and all that was left was the sitting position. So we went along, and I gunned down some attackers with my M1911 (this was pre-M1911 patch). Then the enemy Apache came out of nowhere, and I pulled out my Type 88, and aimed at the pilot as the chopper was coming around for another pass.

    Needless to say, I got him, killing both him AND the gunner, who had no idea what was happening.

    Boom Headshot indeed.

  • i dont really remeber the details... but i do remeber goin 62 and 0 in a span of 2 games once.

  • Unfortunately my story is a sad one.  My friend and I were in a match of Conquest not long ago.  The battle was back and forth for some time but eventually the other team started to advance on our last position.  It was in this most dire moment that we needed the whole team to pull together and force them out.  Sadly this did not happen.  At one point I made a dash for our newly spawned helicopter.  I enter as the pilot and waited a sec for my nearby teammates to jump in with me.  My friend got in and everyone else just stood there so I started to take off.  I was barely off the ground when my own team fired a volley of rockets at us.  Boom!  No more helicopter.  They spent the next few minutes running around shooting at us and knifing us (which did no good).  I blocked both players but not before they managed to send a message telling my friend how to play.  What we didn't seem to know was that it was thier heli and not ours.  Such a shame to see CoD style playing in a much better game.



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